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Am I Losing my Hair? (photo)

I posted some pictures because I am not sure if I am loosing my hair. I have recently noticed some thining in the front and back but I am not sure if... READ MORE

I'm 24 years old, using Minoxidil 5% for 1 month - my hair is still falling out badly. When will I see a result?

Iam 24yrs old...using minoxidil 5% as prescribed by dermatology....still my hair is falling so the 1st-15dayz of minox evrything was ok but... READ MORE

How long will my hair be falling out after stopping birth control? How can I help stop it?

I had been on birth control for ten years. I stopped taking it 3 months ago. My hair appears to be falling out quickly. I am concerned. I will be... READ MORE

Hair falling out - preventative suggestions needed. (photo)

I started using Himalayas Protein shampoo for a month along with Bajaj Almond drops oil during nights. Still, I see hair fall say 10 hairs or so,... READ MORE

Recent hair loss? Thinning? Cause? Please help!!!

I recently took glucosamine (1500 mg) chondroitin (1200mg) for my shoulder but only took 10 of them over the course of 12 or 13 days and recently read... READ MORE

Does telogen effluvium shift every single hair on the head to the telogen phase?

Does telogen effluvium shift every single hair on the head to the telogen phase? I dont mean do they all fall out at the same time but rather will one... READ MORE

My eyebrows have almost all fallen out...could this be keratosis pilaris of the eyebrows?

I have all these white tiny "rice grains" coming out of my eyebrow pores. These things are stuck to all the hairs and they fall out and don't grow... READ MORE

Why Am I Losing my Hair!?

For the past four years it seems as though I am losing more than the "normal" amount of hair. I am actually scared to wash my hair for fear... READ MORE

If I discontinue minoxidil, will it make my moustache hair which was tiny before (now thicker) become tiny again?

I know that if I discontinue minoxidle my facial hair will fall out but what about my moustache hair which was tiny before using minoxidle(now became... READ MORE

I am 21, since the age of 15 I am facing a hair fall problem. I think my family face hair fall when we shift to new flat. (photo

Is that any genetics problem with me ? how much hair transplant of 3000 graft cost me in mumbai sir i have seen comedy nights star kapil sharma... READ MORE

Had my hair bleached and a toner treatment used, as I do once every six weeks. My hair has fallen out in clumps. Any suggestion?

As above, I had my hair done yesterday and when washing the toner off, my hair fell out in clumps. I was devastated. I've had to have loads cut off... READ MORE

Is it recommened to use Minoxidil for hair loss caused by Iron Deficiency anemia ?

I ve been losing hair for couple years.Recently I discovered the reason. I am not bald but it's very thin and I can see clearly my scalp skin when I... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back?

After 1.5 years of dramatic overall hair thinning, I've been diagnosed with Alopecia Areata - I began steroid injections a month ago, and just went... READ MORE

I'm 17 yrs old. Am I going bald?

So when I was young, like 14, 15, I didn't cut my hair for months and months because I liked long hair. One time I decided to cut my hair and I... READ MORE

Eyebrows keep falling out. Does this mean the root of my eyebrow is out? Will it ever grow back? (photos)

Recently, my eyebrow hairs have been falling out with a white bulb at the end. I'm worried. Help. READ MORE

I'm 21yrs old & my hair is falling out from the top of my head. Any suggestions? (photos)

My hair is falling out & my scalp is very itchy & I feel like pulling my hair sometimes.. When should I go to my dr? Can someone please help me... READ MORE

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