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Women's minoxidil and unwanted facial hair?

I have been using women's minoxidil 5%foam for 6 months and noticed facial hair all over my face. Is this a side effect of minoxidil? Will it stop... READ MORE

I'm 19 yrs old and I don't have any facial hair. My moustache hair is so tiny & unshiny & unnoticeable. Any suggestions?

I want to use minoxidle for my facial hair and I know it'll make my moustache hair thicker but i cannot use it for my whole life so, if I discontinue... READ MORE

Is minoxidil 2 leads to facial hair growth?

Is Mintop 2 % is advisable for female? I seeing more hair fall over this days my doctor suggest me to use mintop 2 but some of them saying mintop... READ MORE

May I use andractim on face to grow a decent beard?

Hi I had undergone varicocele vasectomy before 5yeard but now it re occurs I feel more fatigue libido problems decreased limb size seems to be less... READ MORE

How to neutralize minoxidil on face?

Hello sir I had used minoxidil 10% on my face for 30days to grow beard. After using that i'm getting small pimples on my face. When going to sleep I'm... READ MORE

Minoxidil use for facial hair growth?

I am planning to use minoxidil 10% for facial hair growth. I have read some articles stating that if you stop using minoxidil the newly grown hair... READ MORE

Pimple problem due to usage of skin lite or minoxidil on face. Any suggestions?

Hello , I have used skinlite on my face for 2 months and also used minoxidil 10 to get beard but now I'm getting pimples on my face.I don't know what... READ MORE

I have psoriasis. Can I use minoxidil on my face?

I want to grow a beard :( but i am afraid it will trigger my psoriasis READ MORE

Any suggestions for facial hair growth?

My facial hair or beard do not grow or have very low growth rate.I do not have facial hair at some parts of my face at all. I want to have a dense... READ MORE

Finasteride side effects after 5 days. Quit a week ago; extreme anxiety.

I am 23 and was prescribed finasteride 1mg for hair loss. I took 5 pills over 5 days.; day 3 to 5 I experienced a weak erection and a weak orgasm.... READ MORE

I have got much facial hair only at mustache and jaw. My cheeks don't have any strong hair. Will testosterone injections help?

Can i do something for that? Testosterone injections might help or not? i grow only goatte beard and i cant grow beard on cheeks i dont know why... READ MORE

Minoxidil for beard growth?

Hi i am planning to use minioxidil 5% for my beard growth will it helpful i have very thin hairs all over my face is minioxidil 5% helps to stimulate... READ MORE

IPL For rosacea... will it cause hair loss?

Hello all, out of curiosity... we know IPL can be used for face discoloration, rosacea, hair removal etc... If I get IPL for my face, will some of the... READ MORE

Does it really works on face and can it be stopped at any point of time ? May I know the side effects in detail ?

I have heard about Minoxidil and seen some videos as well to grow up the facial hair. does it really works on face and can it be stopped at any point... READ MORE

Hair problem, burn mark on my face and mark on my knee along with stretch mark. (Photos)

I can't take it. I'm still very young too. I want it to be cure all. Every time is hurting me all my body. I want my hair to grow. Not to break... READ MORE

How much time might CTE or TE afflicted hair take to recover from "surgery shock", and do such shocks impact regrowth quality?

I've had CTE or several TE's for 33 mos. Am doing a 4.5 to 5 hr cosmetic facial procedure under general anesthesia and concerned about a high shed. If... READ MORE

Male: Got my face bleached last week. I just want to know how to get my facial hair back soon?

I am a male and i just got my face bleached in the previous week as to get a good look on an occation. Now my beard(vellus hairs) turned golden and i... READ MORE

Is It at All Possible That Topical Minoxidil Applied to the Scalp Could Cause Systemic Side Effects Involving the Face?

I used topical minoxidil for 1yr and got results with my hair, but noticed distinct changes in my face, including dark circles & lines under my... READ MORE

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