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What Are My Options With Alopecia Universalis To Get Eyebrows and Lashes Back?

I Am a 39yr Old Male and Have Alopecia Universalis. What Treatment Options Do I  Have to  get my eyebrows and eyelashes back? What other... READ MORE

Solution for Eyebrow and Eyelash Loss?

I used to suffer from Trichotillomania but have thankfully overcome it. However, I've done pretty bad damage to my eyebrows and eyelashes. I used to... READ MORE

Do eyelashes Grow back?

Last week, I accidentally cut my eyelashes into half. I'm very concerned about it. Will it grow back? Will it be very long? READ MORE

Ferritin and Iron Storage deficiency and eyelash loss?

I have found out that my Ferritin, Iron Storage, and vitamin D levels were way below average. Over the past 5 months my lashes have fallen out, but... READ MORE

Do I have underactive thyroid?

Hello I'm 19 years old and for about 2 years now I've been experiencing hairloss in my eyebrows . And recently eyelashes .when I was younger I shaved... READ MORE

Can you insert someone else's hair follicles into your eyelids when performing eyelash/eyebrow transplant?

My eyelashes are incredibly tiny . They are tiny, curly, and messy! I don't like them at all. It makes my eyes look different. I understand that... READ MORE

PCOS, high testosterone and hair loss (Photo)

I have PCOS and I have extreme eyelash loss, and some eyebrow and hair loss. My question is, can high testosterone effect eyelash growth? I am seeing... READ MORE

Will eyelashes grow back if they get waxed off? (photo)

The end portion of my eyelashes on my left eye got ripped out after some wax dripped on them while i was waxing my eyebrows. I tried to remove the wax... READ MORE

What causes diffuse hair loss all over your body: scalp, eyebrows, eyelashes, arms, underarms, legs, pubic hair?

What would cause this? Hair growth is slow when it is shaved. Not growing back when it falls out. Weak, brittle and thinner. Including the body hair... READ MORE

What should I do if my eyebrows and eyelashes start to fall out?

My 10 year old boy is losing some eyelashes and some eyebrows. READ MORE

Will my eyelash grow back?

I accidentally burnt my lower eyelash, not completely, but about 7-10 strands were half burnt. And my friend made me cut off the burnt part, now the... READ MORE

Eyebrow, eyelash and scalp hair loss (Photo)

I have itchy scalp with thinning hair and eyebrow and eyelash loss and i feel sometimes something crawling in scalp and eyebrows . And in my face too... READ MORE

Any suggestions for alopecia areata issues?

I have alopecia areata universal (looks like)....there are something that can help to make grown my hair and eyebrow? I tried already Rogaine and... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Regrow Bottom Eyelashes After Severe Pulling?

When I was 8 I pulled too hard on bottom corner of eyelashes and now im in my mid 30s but no regrowth. What can I do surgery or creams anything I just... READ MORE

Eyelash loss but thyroid is normal

Experiencing extreme lash loss and only my ferritin is coming back low at 16.... Could this be the reason they haven't grown back? I Had my thyroid... READ MORE

Hormone Issues Related to Eyelash Loss?

I posted earlier about how my eyelashes have been falling out in clumps for the past 10 months (the reason it is getting so much worse is because I... READ MORE

Does Aquaphor Help with Eyelash Growth? Is Applying It to Your Eyelashes Dangerous?

I read online that applying Vaseline or Aquaphor to your eyelashes promotes eyelash growth. I have been loosing my eyelashes for some years now so I... READ MORE

I have chronic Telogen Effluvium along with brows and lash loss. Is there any chance I will get my hair back?

I have been suffering with cte for 4.5 years. I am losing eye lashes and brows as well. I have it itchy scalp, prickling and pain sometimes. All blood... READ MORE

What is the reason that so much of my hair is falling out? Not just my head, but also my eyebrows and eyelashes. What can I do?

I am hopless & depress for my falling hair, it not only on head, eyebrow, eyelashesh also falling rapidly. It's 2 yrs now i am with this problem. All... READ MORE

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