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What Can I Do About Hair Loss Because of a Scar on my Eyebrow?

How can i make hair grow back from a scar on my eyebrow? READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Growth Options?

I have eyebrows that do not have enough hair on them? I have had this a while. I have noticed it again recently because they are itchy (one in... READ MORE

Making Overplucked Eyebrows Grow Back

I have been overplucking my eyebrows for years now, and they won't grow back fully. Is there any way to help them grow back properly? READ MORE

Eyebrow Hair Loss, Flaking and Scabbing, Is this a Thyroid Issue?

I've white-ish & yellow-ish scabs forming in my brows: taut, dry & scaly. The sizes of these scabs vary from tiny to chunky (as the pic of... READ MORE

I Am 58 Years Old Man and Have Thinning Eyebrows Related to Age. Is There a Remedy?

I'm 58 and have noticed that my eyebrows have thinned a lot since my youth when I had dark thick eyebrows. It makes my brows look see through and... READ MORE

Can I use vitamin E oil to help eyebrow growth/thicken? I'm male (Photo)

Okay, I may be overreacting but I'd love to have someone with experience tell me, would tweezing a lot within a few months cause some hair on my... READ MORE

I've Lost Some of my Eyebrows, is There Any Way It Can Grow Back?

I'm a 39 year old woman,started to loose my eyesbrows about a year ago,it did not grow back is there anyway it can grow back,I have to colour my... READ MORE

How can I stop my eyebrows hair loss? I have aloe alopecia also. How can I make my eyebrows grow back?

Hello I have aloe alopecia my eyebrow are falling out. They are so bad that they are leaving bald spots! I'm 17 years old. I've went to the... READ MORE

Treatment Options for Auto-immune Related Eyebrow Loss?

Hello, I'm a 40 yr old caucasian female with total eyebrow loss. It happened about 2 years ago and I've been tested for everything under the... READ MORE

Who Should I See for Eyebrow Hair Loss?

I've been losing a lot of my eyebrow hair lately and I have no clue why. I also have this crust that forms under my eyebrows and I dont know if that's... READ MORE

What Can I Do to Help my Eyebrows Grow? Can I Do Anything to Make Them Grow Where They Didnt Before?

I am not looking for a semi permanent solution like Latisse. I am wondering if there's anything that can help regrow and perhaps encourage growth in... READ MORE

What Are My Options With Alopecia Universalis To Get Eyebrows and Lashes Back?

I Am a 39yr Old Male and Have Alopecia Universalis. What Treatment Options Do I  Have to  get my eyebrows and eyelashes back? What other... READ MORE

Is Biotin for Thinning Eyebrows Safe for a Hypothyroid Patient?

My dermatologist recommended biotin for my thinning eyebrows, but I'm borderline hypothyroid. Should I worry that biotin is made from soybeans, a... READ MORE

Eyebrows Loss from Minoxidil?

I used minoxidil for about 1 week because of hairline receding. Then, I got hair loss, which might be just a "shedding" process. Thus, I stopped using... READ MORE

What kind of treatments can a Dermatologist do to help me regrow my eyebrows?

We'll my eyebrows have been shedding a lot for months now so I decided it's time to go see a dermatologist . I was just wondering what treatments he... READ MORE

I Am Now 17 and I Have Minor Cut in my Eyebrow and There is No Hair on That Minor Place.It is Unnoticeable? (photo)

I want to know that eyebrow hair transplant necessary for me or I just forget it? Will it effect my appearance? READ MORE

Solution for Eyebrow and Eyelash Loss?

I used to suffer from Trichotillomania but have thankfully overcome it. However, I've done pretty bad damage to my eyebrows and eyelashes. I used to... READ MORE

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