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Making Overplucked Eyebrows Grow Back

I have been overplucking my eyebrows for years now, and they won't grow back fully. Is there any way to help them grow back properly? READ MORE

Do I have telogen effluvium? (photo)

I have been loosing so much eyebrow and scalp hair .. I don't know what to do . I lost 15 pounds since December , I'm 5'7 I weigh 102 and I'm 19 but... READ MORE

What can I do to grow out my eyebrows?

They just fall out on their own .. They haven't grown back in months . What can I do ? I tried rogaine and careprost (bimatoprost ) nothing really... READ MORE

Armpit to temple hair transplant?

Is underarm-to-temple transplant feasible? Specifically, I'm asking about the fleshy area of the temple superolateral to the eyebrow, where hair need... READ MORE

Will applying castor oil or any sort of oil help in regrowing eyebrow hair?

I have consulted a doctor but he said that there is nothing to worry about where as I am really tensed because I can actually see the gaps in my... READ MORE

My eyebrow stopped growing when I was 10 years old. Is there anything I can do to make it grow fuller?

Hey, ever since i was 10 years my eyebrow stopped growing..... i have been using castor oil for my eyebrow and hair but its still not working, as for... READ MORE

Can you insert someone else's hair follicles into your eyelids when performing eyelash/eyebrow transplant?

My eyelashes are incredibly tiny . They are tiny, curly, and messy! I don't like them at all. It makes my eyes look different. I understand that... READ MORE

Hot flashes and hair loss?

So I recently been losing my eyebrow and head hair ALOT they have both thinner out so much .. I don't know what to do . I recently lost a lot of... READ MORE

Eyebrow hair shaved 5 months ago and hair growth is little.

It is now 5 months ago of shaved eyebrow hair to stitch wound and the hair grow again but not like before , how long shall I wait READ MORE

Eyebrow, eyelash and scalp hair loss (Photo)

I have itchy scalp with thinning hair and eyebrow and eyelash loss and i feel sometimes something crawling in scalp and eyebrows . And in my face too... READ MORE

Hair thining and eyebrow loss hair

Hello foctor..i was in china and my scalp touches the scalp of my friend friend has some spots with very ligh hair ..when i come to my home after... READ MORE

18 years old and telogen effluvium, is hair density going to go back to normal even if regrowth hairs are thin? (photo)

I started noticing the hair on my scalp getting thinner 6 months ago, with much more hair fall than usual. I went to see a hair loss specialist and... READ MORE

One eye brow shaved years ago and never grown back fully to look the same as the other. How can I grow it back?

Years ago i passed out on a friends sofa and got one of my eye brows shaved by a silly friend. It grew back but not as thick and never looked the same... READ MORE

Eyebrow regrowth after picking?

I picked a small yellow ball of what I'm guessing is sebum from an eyebrow hair and over the next few days, the small spot has hardened. I... READ MORE

Cut marks in eyebrow and moustache: there's no hair growth in cut area.

How to i get hair again in my cut marks area , i am very concerned about this problem from 4 year READ MORE

I have chronic Telogen Effluvium along with brows and lash loss. Is there any chance I will get my hair back?

I have been suffering with cte for 4.5 years. I am losing eye lashes and brows as well. I have it itchy scalp, prickling and pain sometimes. All blood... READ MORE

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