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How Long Does Minoxidil 5 Take to Work? (photo)

Hi may i know how long does minoxidil take to work to fully regrow all my hair? READ MORE

How Effective is Spironolactone for Female Hair Loss?

I have VERY thin hair, especially around my crown area. Derm did a blood workup and said I needed to take a iron and Vitamin D supplement because they... READ MORE

Can I Use Bimatoprost Instead for my Hair Loss?

I'm a 22 years old woman who has been using Minoxidil 5% for 4 years and It didn't show any dramatic results but decrease my hair loss... can... READ MORE

Hair growth product claims - true or no evidence? Monat and "IT Works".

I have been seeing a lot of information online lately re: Monat Hair Care Systems (multiple lines/products) and "IT Works" Hair Vitamins. I know both... READ MORE

I Am a 44 Yr Old Women my Hair Has Been Thinning for About 7yrs. I Have Been Using Womens Rogaine for the Past 3yrs?

Does rogaine stop working after a while. I'm starting to see more hair loss then before as if the product has stopped working for me. what are the... READ MORE

Effectiveness of Minoxidil 12.5%?

Dear Doctors, Is Minoxidil 12.5 % + Azelaic Acid more effective than the 5 % solution? Thanks very much for your answers! READ MORE

Efficacy of Kera XL hair serum as a DHT inhibitor which contains Acetyl Tetra peptide- 3, Biochanin A?

I was recently prescribed this hair serum by my dermatologist. I found it on the Internet that Acetyl Tetra peptide- 3, Biochanin A inhibits both type... READ MORE

Generic finasteride vs Propecia effectiveness? Recent study worries me.

Do you believe 1mg generic finasteride doesn’t work as well as propecia? Forum, The ISHRS journal has an article concluding that generic 1mg fin c... READ MORE

Propecia effectiveness and expectations

I'm 45 years old and have a decent amount of hair. My thinning and recession has become more aggressive in the past few months and I have a... READ MORE

Efficacy of Replicel and Histogen? Would they grow hair even on a completely bald head?

When will Replicel and Histogen be commercially available. Are there any other treatments in the pipeline which may be game changers in the next 2-3... READ MORE

Does Minoxidil 5% really work on hair loss?

A young man who is starting to get thin hair..and probably be bald later in life READ MORE

What to do when still thinning and on propecia?

I'm 30. I've been on propecia for 4+ years. I had a consult last year and I'm around a NW 2.5-3. My recession and hairloss is, or was, confined to... READ MORE

Information about latest treatments for hair loss and their effectiveness?

As stated above i would like to know about the treatments for MPB and their EFFECTIVENESS to stop MPB and their SIDE EFFECTS too ,when used for long... READ MORE

When restarting Propecia, how long before it becomes effective, and to what extent?

I'd been taking Propecia for about 3 years when I decided to try laser instead. I stopped Propecia and started laser regrowths, but after about 2.5... READ MORE

I am female, and using mintop 5%. Is it working on me? (Photo)

I consulted a doctor for my hair lose and baldness. she suggested me for mintop5%. but later I noticed on packet label that it is for man baldness. so... READ MORE

Will Minoxidil work if hair loss is not due to DHT?

Will minoxidil work for hair loss if the hair loss is not due to DHT ? READ MORE

Can taking Saw Palmetto be as effective as taking finasteride for female pattern hair loss?

My dermatologist started me on Spironolactone 100mg daily, I am female over 50 years old. I saw improvement in the shedding after a few weeks and saw... READ MORE

I'm using a compounded minoxidil formula called 82 M. I'm finding crystals in the bottles. Does that make it ineffective?(Photo)

I have been using a compounded minoxidil formula since July 5 2013 called 82M and it was like miracle grow then I ordered more and the bottles were... READ MORE

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