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Hair Loss Treatments: Considering Finasteride

I'm 24 (5'4" and 160 lbs), this started when 18 yrs old. I am considering taking Finasteride, is it safe to take generic brands? I found... READ MORE

How long does it take for spironolactone to stop hair for shedding?

I've recently started taking spironolactone for female pattern hair loss after almost a year of excessive shedding. After 2 weeks my face was... READ MORE

Will single dose of minoxidil be effective?

I wanted to apply hair oil at night,as my scalp is dry and also people say hair oil nourishes hair.So if i apply minoxidil only in the morning, will... READ MORE

Heard of Minoxidil - Finasteride combination treatment. What should be the dosages for the same fpr be? 36yrs healthy male.

I am 36 yrs : suffering from male pattern baldness. Did not try any treatment so far . If saw palmetto berry' 450mg - twice a day would suffice ? or ,... READ MORE

Can Women Use Minoxidil 5% and 15% for Men?

Because of it having a stronger strength like 5% and 15% READ MORE

What's the maximum dosage of biotin I can take a day to help hair loss?

And what other normal suppliments I can take to help? Thanks, docs READ MORE

Can Finasteride cause beard thinning? Effect of Finasteride on full grown thick beard? Dosage 1mg/day since last 2 months.

I have thick and full beard, enough to sport a hipster. However, I feel finasteride is causing my beard to thin out. I have been on finasteride for... READ MORE

Is it safe to use a man's dose of rogaine (5%) or should I use the women's dose of 2%? And does it work?

I have read that some doctors suggest that it is safe for women to use a man's dose of rogaine. Is this true? I am not pregnant or nursing. My hair... READ MORE

Can 3 days only of Propecia 1 mg cause permanent damage to me?

Hi I took only 3 pills of Propecia 1 mg over 3 days, and in the third day I started feelig some mild pain in my testicles with some burning sensation... READ MORE

Can Spironolactone cause insomnia?

I was prescribed 100mg of spiro to help hairloss and have insomnia when taking it. Decreased to 50mg and still had insomnia. Will this go away... READ MORE

Is Spironolactone successful at helping to regrow hair from PCOS hair loss (if taken long term at high enough dose)?

Hello. I have PCOS and Androgenic Alopecia as a result. I am currently on (100 mg) Spironolactone, birth control and Rogaine. I am aware of side... READ MORE

What is the 'sweet spot' Finasteride dosage for DHT reduction? (photos)

Hello doctors and patients. I am 45 yrs old and thinning (MPB) since age 20. I am NW 6 but holding steady thanks to Rogaine, Nizoral, Argon shampoo,... READ MORE

Does 1mg of Propecia show up in urine and blood tests? I want to take it for hair loss.

I do medical studies and we are not suppose to take any kind of prescription or non-prescription drugs. If they find it while you are screening to get... READ MORE

If I use 1mg finasteride only 3 times a week. Would it be effective?

P.S I have been taking 1 mg regularly for last 4 months and now I wanted to taper the use. READ MORE

I used minoxidil as bd for 5 years & started to taper it to od & nw I have hair loss. Will I get the hair back if used again?

I have used minoxidil as bd dose for five years and I'm fed up with that routine,hence I started to taper it off to once daily,I have hair loss mainly... READ MORE

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