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Does using Minoxidil on beard work and will the beard stay after discontinuing the use?

I am 25 years old with no beard hair. I have 380 ng/dl of T, so on lower side but docs say its normal. So I really want to use minoxidil to grow a... READ MORE

Is it true if you stop using Minoxidil your hair will fall?

I hear from people who stop using it that their hair has fallen double and more !! as your scalp has got use to something then you stop it so u lose... READ MORE

Eyebrows Loss from Minoxidil?

I used minoxidil for about 1 week because of hairline receding. Then, I got hair loss, which might be just a "shedding" process. Thus, I stopped using... READ MORE

Can I abruptly stop using Minoxidil 2% after 2 weeks? It caused massive shedding and headache. Will the shedded hair grow back?

I have stress related hair loss and i started minoxidil 2% since 2 weeks and i developed massive shedding now my scalp is showing from the front and... READ MORE

If I discontinue minoxidil, will it make my moustache hair which was tiny before (now thicker) become tiny again?

I know that if I discontinue minoxidle my facial hair will fall out but what about my moustache hair which was tiny before using minoxidle(now became... READ MORE

Is it possible to protect hair after stopping Minoxidil 5%?

I'm 19 and now using minoxidil 5%.Many reviews i have found that minoxidil is short term use only.it must use for entire life.is there any way to... READ MORE

How to stop Minoxidil gradually?

Hi,iam 20 years old and i have some sheding in my hair in the frontal region so i want to use minoxidil but afraid of stoping it ,so how can i stop... READ MORE

Rogaine - 1 month in. If I were to stop Rogaine altogether, will I get back the hair that originally shedded?

Hello, so I've been using Rogaine 5% for the last 30-35 days and have noticed the shed that was to be expected. I am also taking 1mg Fin-astride as... READ MORE

Hair loss & Minoxidil

Hello, I'm 40 YO female, I've been using "Hairback 2% Minoxidil" from 14 years ago intermittently, to stop hair loss, 18 months ago I started to use... READ MORE

Can I stop my current Minoxidil treatment which I took only for 1 month?

Hello sir,I am 19 male I suffered mild hairfall so i saw a dermatologist ,he prescribed me fin and minox but didnt do any test,i took only the minox... READ MORE

Regrowth of lost hair from Rogaine?

Hello (sorry for my bad english). I'm a 22 year old man who have been using rogaine for a week. Then I have read a lot of terrifying forums about... READ MORE

The consequences of stopping Minoxidil?

I did use Minoxidil for 6 months (get very good result, but side effects for long term 40 years of use must be bad) then stopped and it looks that I... READ MORE

How do I discontinue 5% Minoxidil without losing hair?

Regimine - 5% Minoxidil 50 drops (2ml) once per day for 7-8 months - 1.25 mg Finastride every 4th day for 7-8 months READ MORE

What happens after stopping Minoxidil? I have been using it for 2 months now. Will my hair be worse than what I started with?

I have been using minoxidil for 2 months now. I want to stop ,fearing there might be healthy problems in the future. As of now I don't have any... READ MORE

How can I assure finpecia (1mg) is not causing any sexual side effects? I'm 25 years old and have been on finpecia for 1 month.

How can i assure finpecia(1mg) is not causing any sexual side effects? i m 25 years old and have been on finpecia for 2 months after a break of 1... READ MORE

Is it possible for minoxidil 5 to work on this extreme amount of hair loss? (photos)

Curretly using minoxidil 5 for about 4 months, also taking biotin. The minoxidil has recently caused severe itching. Still losing hair. Not sure if... READ MORE

Should I stop rogaine? (Photo)

I start using rogaine 6 wks ago I never had facial hair before i start to see on my cheecks but that s ok but im afraid because there is some under my... READ MORE

Can I use natural alternative ways to regrow your hair naturally after quitting minoxidil use for one month?

Is it that if you use minoxidil you cannot have natural hair growth if you discontinue the use? What if you didn't have hair loss issues and you used... READ MORE

Can I stop after 2 to 3 weeks?

Hi I was using rogaine 5% for 2 to 3 weeks because of some shedding of hair bUT now I decided to stop it because in the past I already used minoxidil... READ MORE

Doc told me to use capixyl xl serum. If I stop using it, will shed my hair again like minox?

I was on minoxidil for 2 years and then i suddenly stop i was looking for cure not a treatment. And i was going through shedding phases. Again i... READ MORE

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