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Hair loss due to stress and bad diet. Will these hairs grow back now that I'm eating healthy?

My hair loss has accelerated due to stress and not eating. Will those hairs grow back now that I'm eating and eating healthy and if so, how long will... READ MORE

I read on my minoxidil instructions that weight gain in possible during treatment. Is that true?

I seem to have trouble to lose weight while on minoxidil. I stay on diet day after day and nothing READ MORE

Can chronic telogen effluvium be caused by stress such as anxiety (diagnosed GAD)? Is rapid hair shed (300 a day) be from AGA?

I have had hair shed and loss since I was 16, after going on a crash diet. It has been 8 years and I have tried everything from a healthier diet to... READ MORE

Is Hair Affected by Diet? (photo)

I am following diet and i am loosing my hair badly. Is diet is the reason for hair fall? Plz help me out. READ MORE

Dietary supplements to alleviate side effects of propecia?

Are there any dietary supplements we can take to alleviate or prevent sexual side effects of propecia? READ MORE

Remedy for High Level of Testostrone

I am 20 yrs old woman and i have high level of testostrone i have reduced my weight and now my bmi is 20 what should my diet include,i have recceding... READ MORE

I did crash diet for almost two months after that i had severe hair fall, i think its telogen efflivium. (photos)

Im 22 years old female. I donot have any round bald patches but i have hair thinning now. There are small gaps in my scalp especially on sides and... READ MORE

Is Anagen:telogen ratio of 9:1 bad and which condition does it signifies?

Experiencing excessive hairfall upto 250 strands on normal day and upto 500 on days of hairwash..consulted a trichologist and did a hair and scalp... READ MORE

I have seborrheic dermatitis , lots hair loss in a day. What should be my diet to stop hair fall?

I used Ducray squanorm shampoo oily dandruff which worked well for me and removed most of yellowish oily flakes from hair.But it return the next day... READ MORE

About hair loss at college age.

I am a student recently I got selected for special section in our cllg for the entry of premedical section.Frm then im suffering great hair loss... READ MORE

Hair loss started after severe dieting and after weight loss. Can I go for minoxidil? (photos)

Dear sir, I am 25 years old, 3 years back I did severe dieting for weight loss and I reduced 10kg in 4 months. After that I noticed hairloss. Now I am... READ MORE

Does increasing the concentration of minoxidil increase hair fall, and produce thin hair like my body hairs? (photo)

I 20 years male, have been using minox almost for 8-10 months,experienced results like-reduced hairloss,some very thin hairs which looked lot... READ MORE

Is that regrowth? (photos)

Is that regrowth afte crashing diet hard processing of hair and suddenly stopping minox or will fall down knowing i have diffuse hairloss which is... READ MORE

Telogen effluvium after starting low carb diet?

I started eating around 20 grams of carbs a day for over 3 months now. I eat a lot of protein and a ton of veggies. I've lost Aprox 15 pounds and I've... READ MORE

22 year old and facing hair fall problem past one year, help me regarding this??

I am 22 years old student, for the past one year i am facing the problem of hair fall. I have shaved my head for five times and still no improvement.... READ MORE

Is this Male Pattern Baldness or just a mature hairline? (Photo)

My family on moms side has a lot of baldness, and my dads side has hair. Most have a little bit left on top, some a full head. I an not really... READ MORE

I have been using women's Rogaine 5% for 6 weeks and I am losing hair. A lot! What to do?

I am 49 years old and I was diagnosed with androgenetic alopecia by 2 dermatologists. I have done all necessary blood tests, I am healthy and there is... READ MORE

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