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After application of Minoxidil 5%, I have dandruff-like flakes on my scalp.

Hi.. 1. Age 34 yrs male, using Minoxidil 5% twice a day. 2. After application i have dandruff like white flakes on my scalp which looks very... READ MORE

Is it possible for dandruff/dry scalp to cause balding/thinning hair for a 21 year old? (photo)

Ever since I was around 13, I've had bad dandruff and a dry scalp, and thus, have created bad habits of scratching my scalp a lot. Recently, I've... READ MORE

Minoxidil causing dandruff-like flakes on hair from drying skin. Any suggestions?

Does Minoxidil affect the hair's scalp healthiness if it dries and peels of dry skin or makes the scalp dry? I've been using it for a while and... READ MORE

What type of baldness do I have, and which medicine should I take? (Photo)

This was my question (i have suffered from hair loss since i was 18 and i used a lot of drugs nothing work and now i am 26 there are a lot space in my... READ MORE

Any medicine for female hereditary baldness ? (photos)

I have suffered from hair loss since i was 18 and i used a lot of drugs nothing work and now i am 26 there are a lot space in my scalp and i have... READ MORE

Why Am I Losing my Hair!?

For the past four years it seems as though I am losing more than the "normal" amount of hair. I am actually scared to wash my hair for fear... READ MORE

Which shampoo is best preferred for faster hair growth and dandruff?

I have curly hair nd i use straightnteners on occassions i have been losing hair for a month now nd i also started getting dandruff my hair gets oily... READ MORE

I have itchy sore red scalp with hair loss. What treatment would you recommend? (photos)

My hair started thinning, scalp got itchy, I had dandruff before but now almost gone, hair is falling continuously, when I shampoo the scalp get red,... READ MORE

I'm having hair fall from last 2 years. Any suggestions?

Im 19 male and im having hairfall and dandruff from last 2 years but there is no baldness and thinning of hair im currently using revilus shampoo... READ MORE

Is There a Difference Between Dandruff and a Dry Scalp?

I have a problem with my scalp, but i don't know if i have a dry scalp or dandruff. thanks READ MORE

I am male, 22 years old and I am suffering from hairfall. Is there any cure for this?

I am suffering from male pattern baldness.i observe that my hair get oily after 1 day of washing .i also have mild there any cure for this . READ MORE

What treatment would you recommend for hair fall and dandruff? (photos)

I have hair loss since 3 years. No one in my family maternal and paternal sides have baldness. Have lost hair from the front two corners. I used to... READ MORE

Can I use minoxidil every alternate day along with finasteride every day. I suffer from seborrheic dermatitis?

I suffer from sebbhoric dermatitis and hair loss. My doctor has prescribed me a overnight salicylic acid and coal tar lotion to be applied every night... READ MORE

I'm 22 yr male. Is it male pattern baldness??? Tell me about my condition in pic. (photo)

I have been suffring from hair fall from 2 year may be more.i have tried many shampo and daily wash..not oiling air cause of dandruff but i found... READ MORE

My hair started falling when I was 17 years old. But when I shave my head, hair fall stops for about 4 months and appears again.

At first my hair starts to fall gradually 5-10 a day. but after about 3-4 days i get a lot of dandruff on my head. i take shower regularly but don't... READ MORE

I'm 23, I got lot of dandruff and hairfall, and my crown head is getting bald it is possible to regrow hair in bald area?

IM 23, my father is not bald, for the past 4 years im having hair fall problem now dandruff problem also. Im getting bald in crown head it is possible... READ MORE

Does aloe vera and honey mixture acutally help growing hair?

I've found a few articles recommending using aloe vera gel and honey to treat hair loss and dandruff. I wonder if this remedy could be effective or... READ MORE

Is it the liquid drying on my scalp and peeling itself off? Or is it dandruff?

Greetings, I'm 19 years old and I've started using minoxidil for about a month now.. And I've been using it only once a day but I've been noticing... READ MORE

Itchy tingling scalp with increased shedding?

I am currently battling with my itchy inflamed scalp. I am also seeing some dandruff, which I didn't notice before. The scalp is slightly red but it... READ MORE

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