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I need advice on usage of Hair4u Topical Solution

After consulting a doctor because of extreme hair loss, I've been prescribed with multi vitamin tablets and Hair4u Topical Solution 5% should I wash... READ MORE

Whether finasteride is safe to use at the age of 20?

Hi i am a 20 year old guy. I have tremendous problem of hair loss and hair thinning. I have consulted a physician. He has advised me to take finax... READ MORE

Photorejuvenation Light Therapy for Skin and Hair?

I recently bought quasar for my skin and wondering if i can give it to my dad to use on his thin hair, instead of buying hairmax for him? How is... READ MORE

What to do when still thinning and on propecia?

I'm 30. I've been on propecia for 4+ years. I had a consult last year and I'm around a NW 2.5-3. My recession and hairloss is, or was, confined to... READ MORE

Which type of Dr Should I go for "Hair Loss Assessment" -NOT "hair Transplant consultation" ? (photos)

I'm 27 and I have both hair loss and many white hair! I am not sure which type of specialist can help me to understand the cause for this (maybe blood... READ MORE

I am a 20 year old female with bitemporal thinning, what can be the cause? (Photos)

I had high hair loss for about an year till i consulted a dermatologist at 18 and i was diagnosed with low iron and my hairfall stopped once my iron... READ MORE

Whether there will be hairfall after taking treatment ?

I have consulted a dermatologist he suggested me with hair4u(5percent )lotion and a hair serum after using that I am feeling that my hairfall increased. READ MORE

Can Someone Help Me Find A Real Female Hair Loss Expert Near Me? (Photos)

Losing hair. Haven't treated it except with suplements etc. Can't take most drugs for hair loss because of low blood pressure. INot convinced I just... READ MORE

What problem is this? And what causes this? (Photos)

I have been having this from my childhood i have consulted many doctors none of them could tell what it is..could any one tell what causes this and... READ MORE

Hair thinning has increased over the past few months; getting really worried. Please let me know what my options are? (Photos)

I have met with my derm he said that all my blood work is fine and I have started foam Rogaine. However the crown of my head is increasing in thinning... READ MORE

I colored my hair 7 months ago. Twice in 4 minutes and my hair started falling and never got any baby hairs since then? (Photos)

I colored my hair twice in 4 months. Its been 7 months and didnt get any baby hair and you can actually see bald spots on my scalp now. I consulted a... READ MORE

Suffering from dandruff and hair fall and baldness?

Hello Doctor, I am 23 years old boy .i am suffering from dandruff and hair fall.The hair is lossing from font side and now it look like bald. i have... READ MORE

I am suffering from hair loss and thinning of hair what kind of treatment is suitable for me? (Photos)

I am 25 years old male and loosing hair from the front of my head and top of my head I consulted a dermatologist in Indore and was given minoxidil to... READ MORE

I am 19. The last 4 months, I've suffered from heavy hair loss. What should I do?

I consulted a doctor...he gave me a oil nd tablet...I use it for 20 day result...till I lose 50 hair it hair lose common for 19....I... READ MORE

I'm a girl of age 20. I experienced hair loss since the age of 14. Now I have become really bald. Please help me

I have consulted many doctors who recommended scanning my per the result..i have tiny cyst in ovary.i don't have any thyroid problems or... READ MORE

Please suggest me the right treatment to cure this condition. Is this condition curable? (Photos)

Male, 30 years of age facing this issues like hair thinning, growing baldness and hair loss. I always maintain discipline in life like proper... READ MORE

I stop minoxidil and within 2 months I lost my 60% of hair?

I was having lots of hair coz of normal hair fall i consulted doc and even i ask him to give me temporary treatment which can cure hair fall..... READ MORE

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