Age 55-64 + Hair Loss Treatment

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What Can Be Done for Hairloss for Women Between 50-60 Years?

This is for my Mom who is suffering severe hair loss problem. She is not interested in hair transplantation.She wants a natural remedy that doesn't... READ MORE

Does minoxidil (Rogaine) show positive results for a 64 year old male?

Exhibiting fairly evenly thin hair overall, but stable for 15-20 years. Likewise, hairline receded, but also stable for 15-20 years. READ MORE

Hair loss in a month. Why did it happen?

I am 57 years old. I had Dengu fever about 6 months back and was hospitilised for a week. But i recovered fully and the next 3 months my hair was good... READ MORE

How can I treat my hair loss?

I am 57 years old. for the past 6 years I have lost almost all of my hair. I had blood tests for hormonal changes, iron shortages, etc. I have been... READ MORE

Will Minoxidil or laser therapy help a 64 yr old menopausal fm, on HRT, with all over thinning hair? (photo)

Thinning hair for 10 years. The dermatologist says I have thinning hair, all over, due to age and heredity. I have taken Biotin but never noticed a... READ MORE

I am a 55 yr old post menopausal woman suffering from hair loss .Why do Doctors not prescribe Dutasteride for women of my age?

I've been using Rogaine 5% for approx 6 yrs and Dutasteride 0.5 mg for 9 months. My dermatologist added SDZ -pioglitazone 15 mg a month ago but I was... READ MORE

What is your experience treating women with androgenic alopecia using Vagifem?

I'm a 55 year old female that has been diagnosed with androgenic alopecia. Currently using spiro 150mg daily and 5% rogaine. Hair loss is "normal".... READ MORE

How can a 55 year old keep hair? (Photo)

What procedures can be done to keep my hair? I got a crew cut and see thinning. I am currently using Rogaine. How much would a hair transplant cost... READ MORE

Why Is My Hair Thining on Right Side of my Head After Mid Face Lift?

I am upset with significant hair loss on my right side of head. Left side is fine. I have read that it could be interruption of blood flow, brain... READ MORE

I have been using minoxidil for a few days in the pubic area. Should I expect any negative side effects from doing this?

I am 60 years old, married, healthy, physically fit and quite active. I have always wished I had more pubic hair. READ MORE

it's been almost 9 months of losing 1/2 - 3/4 of my hair. Any ideas?

I am a 56 year old woman who 15 years ago was treated years ago from a "Quack" doctor and eneded up in the hospital. I lost 20 lbs, and most of my... READ MORE

I need advice on female hair loss (Photo)

I am 56, went through the change at 50. In the spring of 2014 l had injections in my spine and contracted flu 2 weeks after. 3 months later my hair... READ MORE

Can topical tretinoin cause hair loss?

I've been using it for about three years and in that same time have had significant hair loss. I am 60 years old. READ MORE

What can I do for my thinning hair following surgery for a growth hormone and prolaction pituitary adenoma in winter 2015?

Adenoma active during my 50s (I'm 61). Surgery winter 2015 - ALL hormones normal. Thinning 6 months post-op. Minoxil 5% prescription daily 3 months..... READ MORE

I do want to try Woman's Rogaine. I'm 55 and my hair is thinning because of going off Celexa and Hair coloring. Any suggestion?

My dermatologist said to use it. I have been reading that my hair might fall out if I stop using it. Should I use it, use it and taper off, don't use... READ MORE

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