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25 black male embarrassed my hair is thinning and hairline receding: What are my options? (Photo)

I want to know my options on a strengthening my hair and help with my hairline feels like I have to much forehead while others have a balanced... READ MORE

Is there any way to reverse my hair loss? (photos)

Hello. I'm a 20 year old African american female that has suffered severe hair loss for the last 12 years. The extreme hair loss is located on the... READ MORE

How to tell the difference between male pattern baldness and losing your hair from weight loss/traumatic experience? (Photo)

I'm a 20 year old 6'2 black male. I've aways been extremely healthy and athletic with thick wavy hair. In October I got extremely depressed for the... READ MORE

Shedding Hair?

African American female in her 40's with shedding hair. Recently had bloodwork done and everyting normal. What product is good for shedding hair and... READ MORE

I'm going bald on the top of my head and front. How do I grow my hair back fully without paying too much money? (Photo)

I am 25 yes old black male the top of my head is going bald and the front is also how do I stop it and grow it back like I had it 3 yes ago READ MORE

Is there a way to grow your hair 4 inches in a week or at least one?

Hair growth for black people I'm not I quote I am not asking for extensions weave nor am I asking for a wig I just want to grow out my natural curly hair READ MORE

What to do to regrow my hair? (Photo)

I'm a 30 year old African american and have been going bald for about 4 years. I've tried a lot of different oils,shampoos, and no results. I need... READ MORE

I have some questions regarding male hair loss. Isn't 18 kind of young?

I am an 18 year old African American male who is experiencing what i believe to be hair loss. Ive noticed that my hair is thinning and just falling... READ MORE

How can I grow my hair back to normal? (Photo)

Two years ago i had nice african hair and wanted straightener (s-curl) when my aunt put it in my hair and waited minutes it started to burn and when... READ MORE

How can I stop excessive hair shedding at 17? This started after I began styling my hair into Bantu knots. (Photo)

I am African american with relaxed medium length hair. In January of 2014 I started my second semester of my junior year in high school. With college... READ MORE

I'm losing my hair and I'm worried. What are my options? (Photo)

I'm 25 year old amale,I'm black.idont know what to do or buy to bring back my hair,help doc or give me advise please READ MORE

Desoximetasone Cream or Fluocinonide Oil for Hair Loss?

I'm an African American female. I have had hair loss along my edges (especially on one side) - it has been over a year and a half of no hair. I have... READ MORE

How to regrow my hair back thick and its color in frontal areas by temple areas.(Only 18)LOSING HAIR FAST!!

My hair strands are spreaded farther then usually from each other.scalp is see-able,my sides and back part of my head is thick and full of hair.I have... READ MORE

Hair growth

Hi, I'm African American 20 year old female. And I have been trying to grow my hair for the past 5 years, but I have not seen any results. I drink... READ MORE

Will my hair grow back after no blood flow from wearing a tight stocking cap for three months?

I wore a stocking cap for three months with a hairstyle on top. After taking off the stocking cap there was this line that also was an indent in the... READ MORE

What can medically be done about breaking and lost hair?

I am a 46 year old African American woman with relaxed hair and I've always had one so I don't belive this is the cause. I am becoming increasingly... READ MORE

The back of my hair seems to never grow and its really frustrating .What can I do to fix this? (photos)

Hi, i am a African american woman who has an issue with growing the nape area of my hair. i use to chemically relax my hair but i stopped two years... READ MORE

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