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Yes, a Non-Invasive Hair Restoration Treatment Exists With PRP

Dr. Jeffrey Rapaport discusses an exciting new way for treating hair loss with PRP (platelet rich replacement). PRP treatment uses your body’s own growth factors to heal injured areas of the body and in this case, hair thinning and balding. VIEW NOW


A Painless, Scarless, Incisionless Hair Transplant Technique Is Here!

Dr. Grant Stevens talks about NeoGraft, which is a brand new way of performing hair transplants that requires no surgery and little, if any, downtown. It is also being used on more women than ever before! VIEW NOW

Extend the Life (and Length) of Your Eyelashes With Latisse

Latisse is growing rapidly as a hugely popular drug for lengthening and thickening the eyelashes with few adverse side effects. Dr. Kathleen Morno explains more about this incredible prescription treatment. VIEW NOW

What Causes Female Hair Loss or Slow Hair Growth?

Dr. Jeff Donovan explains that while not necessarily the reasoning behind all women's troubles, female hair loss or slow hair growth can often be attributed to extreme and/or repeated treatments such as chemical relaxing or weaving. VIEW NOW


Hair Transplant Procedure For Men and Women

Dr. Schreiber explains what you need to know about hair restoration including FUE and FUT techniques and how the hair grafts stay in place without stitches for a natural look. VIEW NOW


Eyebrow Enhancement: Immediate Results Post-Procedure

Dr.Jeffrey Epstein explains, with the help of a patient, just how immediate the results of an eyebrow enhancement can be. VIEW NOW

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Hair Transplant: How Much Donor Hair Do I Need?

A hair transplant is like building a house, says Dr. William Rassman. Learn more. VIEW NOW

Can You Die From a Hair Transplant?

Dr. William Rassman shares his experience with hair transplants after nearly three decades of experience. VIEW NOW

Hair Transplant: Keep This in Mind When Picking Your Doctor

Dr. William Rassman shares his experience working with hair loss patients. VIEW NOW

Propecia: It Can Help Prevent This From Happening

Did you know Propecia can help fight hair loss by doing this? VIEW NOW

Can You Fix Bad Hair Plugs?

Regretting your hair plugs? Here's what you can do about them, says Dr. William Rassman. VIEW NOW

Be Sure to Do This After a Hair Transplant

Here's what you need to do after a hair transplant, according to Dr. William Rassman. VIEW NOW

What Can Go Wrong During a Hair Transplant?

A hair transplant is surgery but here's what to keep in mind, says Dr. William Rassman. VIEW NOW