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Which Hair Style Will Best Cover Thinning Hair?

I am over 60 and have thinning hair. I'd like a hair style that will make the most of my hair without showing the thnning too much. What would you... READ MORE

I have thin hair, how can I get it to become thicker?

I am a 18 year old male that has thin hair. I have good length of hair howevre when i style my hair i cannot do it because it shows my scalp. My... READ MORE

My daughter's hair is much thinner than mine, why is this? Can they grow thicker if I shave them now?

My 5 year old daughter's hair are thin unlike me. I had not shaved her scalp hairs till now . can they grow thicker if I shave them now. READ MORE

What's a good product to use to give thin hair (not thinning hair) a more fuller and thicker feel and look?

I have naturally thin hair in which I've managed to maintain it for the most part after doing some research, but i'm looking for a good... READ MORE

My hair is thin when its oily. What washing technique and styling product do you recommend?

I wash my hair twice a week. My hair looks thicker after hair wash. My hair looks greasy by end of the day and until I wash my hair. Will I damage my... READ MORE

Hair Growth Treatment for Younger Patient?

I'm 21 years old girl. I'm very upset about my hair its too thin and my hair fall too much. I'm very young and I want my hair thick and in good... READ MORE

Are there any surgical options which can permanently thin my thick, bushy eyebrows? (Photo)

I wanted to know is getting surgery the best way to thin down my eyebrows as they are thick and don't look good also advise any alternative that are... READ MORE

Are Sls Free Shampoos and Conditioners Better for Regular Use in Fine,thin,oily Hair?

Hi,i´m a 36 yr old woman and my hair is very thin, and oily in the roots.I´ve heard a lot about how sls is bad for your hair in the long run, so i w... READ MORE

How can I change in hair quality and thickness?

My hair has changed dramatically in the past eight months. It's become thin, fine and there is some hair loss around the hairline. I'm very concerned... READ MORE

How to thin my thick hair?

My head hair is too thick.when it cut by barber goes straight up and is look like spine so tell me how to thin hair from my scalp READ MORE

How to increase and strengthen thin hair? (Photo)

Hello, there, My wife has a very thin hair and I'd like to increase and strength it with fair with proper way and fair price, . Fortunately we're... READ MORE

I have very thin hair due to hair dye usage. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used dye for 3 hair is very thin in front scalp.what is the treatment for this thin can i get back my thick hair? READ MORE

What are my options for thickening naturally thin hair? I don't have hair loss.

I am 23 and have naturally thin, wirey black hair. I have always wanted thicker hair but have only come across temporary styling solutions. I do dye... READ MORE

My hair isn't thinning but is thin: full head of hair and it isn't falling out. How can I get thick and healthy? (photo)

Hello , i have a full head of hair however it is thin at the roots naturally, it isnt thinning but is thin. If i grow my hair out the top ends are... READ MORE

Can hair that's already fully grown suddenly thin out overnight for females?

Being that hair is, basically, dead cells, I'm wondering if it's possible for the fully grown part to thin out overnight. I hear the thinning process... READ MORE

Thin hair from birth. I would also like to know if there are any medicines or any treatments would help me . (photo)

I have thin hair from birth . I am applying castor oil + almond oil as natural treatment as someone said castor oil thickens hair.  READ MORE

I'm 24 and about a year ago I decided to grow my hair out. I noticed my hair seemed thin in front. Should I be worried? (photo)

My hair seems to be thinning from front. Only 24. Is this normal? Maybe should I take biotin or some other kind of vitamn? READ MORE

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