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What can I do to get thicker hairs?

I am a 23yr old female. I had normal thick hairs till I was 16. Thereafter I lost most of them especially from the front region of my scalp. The... READ MORE

Are there any hair treatments to make hair fine and thin?

I have black colored hair, its a bit wavy but mostly straight. I heard the darker your hair colour the thicker it is, and this is my case. I do not... READ MORE

Thick wiry hair strands? How can I get rid of it? (Photo)

My hair is long and naturally straight with thin strands, I am 19 now. I know hair changes over time, but I am sure mine is never going to be wavy or... READ MORE

Can you reduce the hair density on your head, or is it possible to make the hairs thinner?

I have very thick hair and its very dense. I have so much and can't control it because it is also very wavy. I wanted to know if laser hair removal... READ MORE

Are there any surgical options which can permanently thin my thick, bushy eyebrows? (Photo)

I wanted to know is getting surgery the best way to thin down my eyebrows as they are thick and don't look good also advise any alternative that are... READ MORE

Change Hair Texture?

I am very lucky to have a lot of hair. However, I am very unhappy with the thickness of each strand. My hair strands are literally as thick and rigid... READ MORE

Is There Anyway That I Can Make my Hair Finer (Decrease Its Diameter)?

My hair is extremely coarse and thick and I have always wanted finer hair. I am 19 years old. Genetically, both my parents had coarse, thick hair so I... READ MORE

Possible to Miniaturize Hair Follicles?

I am blessed to have a very high density of hair but I am also very unhappy with the coarseness of my hair. The individual strands are very very thick... READ MORE

What solution should use for to have a thicker hair ?

Hello im a 29 years old female, naturally born with thin soft dark brown hair (baby hair). I always wished to have full & thick hair and i have used... READ MORE

I'm a 29 year old female. I want to have thick and long hair. I have hypothyroidism and polycystic ovaries. Any suggestions?

I am on medication for hypothyroidism I can a thyroxine tablet 75 mcg daily ...also have polycystic ovaries ....I want my hair to be thick and long... READ MORE

Any Way to Make Scalp Hair Grow Finer?

Because of genetics, my hair is very thick and very coarse, meaning my individual strands of hair are very thick (large diameter). While I am looking... READ MORE

Because of my thick eyebrow, I look so ugly. I have hair in every part of my face. What is the treatment? (Photo)

Because of my thick eyebrow I liok so ugly....I have hair in every part of my face...every part .also in top and side if nose I want to loose it any... READ MORE

How to thin my thick hair?

My head hair is too thick.when it cut by barber goes straight up and is look like spine so tell me how to thin hair from my scalp READ MORE

My hair isn't thinning but is thin: full head of hair and it isn't falling out. How can I get thick and healthy? (photo)

Hello , i have a full head of hair however it is thin at the roots naturally, it isnt thinning but is thin. If i grow my hair out the top ends are... READ MORE

I have very thin hair due to hair dye usage. Any suggestions? (photos)

I used dye for 3 hair is very thin in front scalp.what is the treatment for this thin can i get back my thick hair? READ MORE

Will my facial hair grow thicker?

Well im a girl.. i have these little thin hair on my face that realy bothers me they are not very remarkable but i guess its a psychical issue more... READ MORE

My hair is always sticking up and is always curly, frizzy and thick. How can I fix this? (Photo)

My hair is always sticking up and is always curly also is so frizzy and thick how can I fix this READ MORE

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