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Dandruff Vs. Dry Scalp, What's the Difference?

If I see flakes does it mean I have dandruff or maybe its just dry scalp? Is there a difference between dandruff and dry scalp? READ MORE

Can Low Dose Accutane Help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What about low dose Accutane? Can it help? I will soon begin taking 10 mg every other day to treat hyperplasia sebaceous glands. In only 3 months,... READ MORE

Which Hair Style Will Best Cover Thinning Hair?

I am over 60 and have thinning hair. I'd like a hair style that will make the most of my hair without showing the thnning too much. What would you... READ MORE

Possible to Regrow Sparse Over-tweezed Eyebrows?

I have over-tweezed my eyebrows for approximately 30 years and have had no hair re-growth. Can anything repair the damaged hair follicles? I am hoping... READ MORE

What's a good product to use to give thin hair (not thinning hair) a more fuller and thicker feel and look?

I have naturally thin hair in which I've managed to maintain it for the most part after doing some research, but i'm looking for a good... READ MORE

Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment Caused Hypertrichosis

I used minoxidil 2% on recommendation of a doctor for 6 weeks and it resulted in facial hair around temples. I have read on internet that the hair is... READ MORE

Hair Growth Treatment for Younger Patient?

I'm 21 years old girl. I'm very upset about my hair its too thin and my hair fall too much. I'm very young and I want my hair thick and in good... READ MORE

I'm a 16 year old female. I been using facial hair bleaching cream for 3 years now. Is it safe? (photos)

I been using the cream once a week. I want to know is it safe and can I continue using it once a week? READ MORE

Getting rid of oily skin on upper body and oily hair.

Very oily hair, skin and most of the upper body!  I have been told that some oils help control it by hydrating skin in the 1st place, therefore... READ MORE

I think Spironolactone is making me itch. What can I do to stop it? (Photo)

I was prescribed Spiro 50mg for the excess hair I have growing on my chin. I was taking it for about two weeks when I was awaken by intense itching in... READ MORE

Short thin brown hair: Is there any good supplement i could take to get my hair to grow?

I am 33 years old will be 34 very most most of my life I've had long dark hair. About 6 years ago I got a lot of very bad knots in my hair my only... READ MORE

What is the best product to protect hair and scalp during sun exposure?

I will be going on vacation in a few days and will be in the sun daily. I have thing hair, due to AGA and deal with TE from time to time. I wear hats... READ MORE

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