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Dandruff Vs. Dry Scalp, What's the Difference?

If I see flakes does it mean I have dandruff or maybe its just dry scalp? Is there a difference between dandruff and dry scalp? READ MORE

What's Up with These Bald Spots on my Lower Legs? (photo)

Hi, I'm a 30 year old man with hairy legs, but two fairly similar bald spots on the front of my lower legs. This is a cause of embarrassment because... READ MORE

Can Low Dose Accutane Help with Sebaceous Hyperplasia?

What about low dose Accutane? Can it help? I will soon begin taking 10 mg every other day to treat hyperplasia sebaceous glands. In only 3 months,... READ MORE

Which Hair Style Will Best Cover Thinning Hair?

I am over 60 and have thinning hair. I'd like a hair style that will make the most of my hair without showing the thnning too much. What would you... READ MORE

How to Remove Upper Lip Hair?

I am a Hispanic female an I have hair on my lip. I wax but it keeps coming back. What should I do and how much would it cost? READ MORE

Possible to Regrow Sparse Over-tweezed Eyebrows?

I have over-tweezed my eyebrows for approximately 30 years and have had no hair re-growth. Can anything repair the damaged hair follicles? I am hoping... READ MORE

Can hair regrow at 27 years age?

I am 27 years old.Because of crash diets and poor nutrition i lost my thick and long hair when I was 22.Now I am 27 years with hair at shoulder length... READ MORE

What can I do to get thicker hairs?

I am a 23yr old female. I had normal thick hairs till I was 16. Thereafter I lost most of them especially from the front region of my scalp. The... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Change Hair Growth Direction? (photo)

At my hairline, the small hairs on the left side of my head grow down and toward the right. The hairs stick out, causing there to be a small patch of... READ MORE

Does Plucking Prevent Mustache Hair from Growing Normally?

WhenI was around 18, I used to pluck my mustache. I did it every now and then but one day I decided to let it all grow out so I can line it up as I... READ MORE

Minoxidil Hair Loss Treatment Caused Hypertrichosis

I used minoxidil 2% on recommendation of a doctor for 6 weeks and it resulted in facial hair around temples. I have read on internet that the hair is... READ MORE

I Am 28 Years Old I Have Some White Hair on my Beard Have You Any Solution?

I am 28 years old I have some white hair on my beard its possible after leaser treatment white hair remove permanently on beard OR have you any other... READ MORE

Latino Male of Mexican Descent. Can I Use a Chemical Relaxer to Put my Hair Down?

My hair is naturally spiked! As in straight up hair that never tilts or stays down. My dad has that smooth shinny curly black hair and my mom had... READ MORE

What Type of Vitiligo Causes All Body Hair to Turn White?

Any suggestions for the treatment coz 60% of my body has turned white and now my scalp hair and body hair are turning white too and I also have a bald... READ MORE

Recommended Shampoo for Scalp Dermatitis?

My scalp is very itchy, dry, and flaky (like dandruff). I see shampoos with 2% salicylic acid... or with 4% salicylic and 10% coal tar... could you... READ MORE

How to Make Skin and Hair Produce More Oil or Sebum?

I am a young female who has not yet reached her twenties. For my whole life, I have always produced a substantial amount of oil on my face and hair.... READ MORE

Does Greasy Hair Fall out More?

Is it good for hair to let it greasy so that it doesn't fall out that much, or the opposite? i've heard it's bad to wash your hair very... READ MORE

How Do I Care for Hair That is Dry and Frizzy, Yet Oily if Left Unwashed?

I have wavy hair and when it is clean it comes out wavy/straight, frizzy, and coarse to the touch (if left unstraightened). If I leave it unwashed for... READ MORE

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