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Can You Reduce a Gummy Smile Without Doing a Surgical Procedure?

I just recently had jaw surgery to correct my overbite. I assumed that this procedure would reduce my gummy smile. But that didn't end up... READ MORE

Botox for Gummy Smile?

I hate my gummy smile. a doctor said maybe i could get Botocs to help. Is this true? READ MORE

Will I Benefit from Gum Contouring? (photo)

İ have a gummy smile. İ can not afford veeners and so just want gum contouring to improve my smile. İ am aware that this wont make my teeth perfect bu... READ MORE

Can a Nose Job Reduce 'Gummy' Smile?

I just recently had a jaw surgery which I hoped would reduce my gummy smile but unfortunately in my case that was not possible. Can a nose job help my... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Treat my Gummy Smile? (photo)

I went to a consult for botox for my gummy smile.The surgeon said he wouldn't do botox because of the unknown effect but would do lip repositioning.He... READ MORE

Will Lip Lift Make Gummy Smile Worse?

Unsmiling I have minimal teeth show and a somewhat long upper lift, which I imagine will be exacerbated when I have a rhinoplasty (which I intend to).... READ MORE

Is Upper Gum Lengthening Possible To Make My Upper Teeth Show When I Smile?

When I smile my upper teeth don't seen. Actually they do, but just a little bit. I think gum lengthening will help. So, I wonder Is upper gum... READ MORE

Are there any options for treating my severely gummy smile? (photo)

I have a very severe gummy smile. I also have an overbite. The amount of gum I expose when I smile really bothers me, and I would like to have it... READ MORE

How can I correct my gummy smile? (Photo)

I recently got 6 veneers to lengthen my teeth. I have always been unhappy with my small teeth and gummy smile. I figured veneers would be able to fix... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedure for my Gummy Smile? (photo)

Can it be corrected by non-surgical procedures ? READ MORE

What Type of Teeth Surgery Do I Need? (photo)

My teeth are too small and my gums over power them. I would like to know the surgery I would need to improve my smile. Also the cost. I live I... READ MORE

What type of surgery can fix this severe case of a gummy smile without tampering the upper lip? (Photo)

I've always been self-conscious about my gummy smile. To be completely honest, my gummy smile only shows when I am laughing or smiling very widely. I... READ MORE

I am considering a laser gum lift. Would that be possible for me, or would I need crown lengthening? (photos)

I am looking to correct gummy smile, whiten, and get veneers. I feel like the front four are my "problem teeth" but I'm not sure. I have a... READ MORE

I am going in for a Gummy smile surgery aka a gum lift and I just want to know what I will feel during surgery?

For my surgery on my first six top teeth the dentist as I remember said she will put a numbing paste or gel type of thing on my gums so what kind of... READ MORE

Which procedures should I be looking into to fix my smile? (Photo)

I know that I will have to seek out a cosmetic dentist for specifics, but I'm wondering what procedures I should be asking about/looking to find... READ MORE

Too much gums. Any suggestions?

When I smile I hate it even with my mouth close but when I smile with teeth even with very little trying this happens. I hate my gums showing and I do... READ MORE

What are the options to treat my gummy smile? (Photo)

I have a gummy smile that I've been very self conscious about. The snaggletooth, however, does not bother me since it sort of gives my smile some... READ MORE

Would a gum lift work to make my teeth and my smile better? (Photo)

I have very small teeth and it bothers me a bit. Beside that my 4 front teeth are a bit lower than the rest of my teeth. What could I get done so my... READ MORE

Gummy Smile Correction Surgery (Gingivectomy with possible Botox)

I have gummy smile and have consulted the dentist with regards to correcting this problem of mine and was suggested to get a gum alignment surgery or... READ MORE

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