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Can You Reduce a Gummy Smile Without Doing a Surgical Procedure?

I just recently had jaw surgery to correct my overbite. I assumed that this procedure would reduce my gummy smile. But that didn't end up... READ MORE

Botox for Gummy Smile?

I hate my gummy smile. a doctor said maybe i could get Botocs to help. Is this true? READ MORE

Will I Benefit from Gum Contouring? (photo)

İ have a gummy smile. İ can not afford veeners and so just want gum contouring to improve my smile. İ am aware that this wont make my teeth perfect bu... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Treat my Gummy Smile? (photo)

I went to a consult for botox for my gummy smile.The surgeon said he wouldn't do botox because of the unknown effect but would do lip repositioning.He... READ MORE

Can a Nose Job Reduce 'Gummy' Smile?

I just recently had a jaw surgery which I hoped would reduce my gummy smile but unfortunately in my case that was not possible. Can a nose job help my... READ MORE

Will Lip Lift Make Gummy Smile Worse?

Unsmiling I have minimal teeth show and a somewhat long upper lift, which I imagine will be exacerbated when I have a rhinoplasty (which I intend to).... READ MORE

Is Upper Gum Lengthening Possible To Make My Upper Teeth Show When I Smile?

When I smile my upper teeth don't seen. Actually they do, but just a little bit. I think gum lengthening will help. So, I wonder Is upper gum... READ MORE

Are there any options for treating my severely gummy smile? (photo)

I have a very severe gummy smile. I also have an overbite. The amount of gum I expose when I smile really bothers me, and I would like to have it... READ MORE

How can I correct my gummy smile? (Photo)

I recently got 6 veneers to lengthen my teeth. I have always been unhappy with my small teeth and gummy smile. I figured veneers would be able to fix... READ MORE

What is the Best Procedure for my Gummy Smile? (photo)

Can it be corrected by non-surgical procedures ? READ MORE

What Type of Teeth Surgery Do I Need? (photo)

My teeth are too small and my gums over power them. I would like to know the surgery I would need to improve my smile. Also the cost. I live I... READ MORE

Procedure to correct an Excessive gummy smile and short upper lip? (photos)

This is pretty much my hideous smile when i laugh. Im so tired of covering my face. Not only that whenever my lips are in a resting position my teeth... READ MORE

Gummy Smile Correction Surgery (Gingivectomy with possible Botox)

I have gummy smile and have consulted the dentist with regards to correcting this problem of mine and was suggested to get a gum alignment surgery or... READ MORE

What type of surgery can fix this severe case of a gummy smile without tampering the upper lip? (Photo)

I've always been self-conscious about my gummy smile. To be completely honest, my gummy smile only shows when I am laughing or smiling very widely. I... READ MORE

I am considering a laser gum lift. Would that be possible for me, or would I need crown lengthening? (photos)

I am looking to correct gummy smile, whiten, and get veneers. I feel like the front four are my "problem teeth" but I'm not sure. I have a... READ MORE

What are the options to treat my gummy smile? (Photo)

I have a gummy smile that I've been very self conscious about. The snaggletooth, however, does not bother me since it sort of gives my smile some... READ MORE

I am going in for a Gummy smile surgery aka a gum lift and I just want to know what I will feel during surgery?

For my surgery on my first six top teeth the dentist as I remember said she will put a numbing paste or gel type of thing on my gums so what kind of... READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for gum contouring? (photos)

Obviously once my braces are removed, would I be a candidate for gum contouring? I do not like my gummy smile and am looking for a way to fix it. I... READ MORE

Would a gum lift (gingivectomy) be sufficient to correct my smile? (photos)

Not sure if a gum lift would be sufficient? I feel like my lip goes way up when smiling. READ MORE

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