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Is Pinhole Surgery for receding cums developed by Dr. Chao an effective, long lasting procedure? How expensive is it?

My questions is this a valid approach to fixing receding gum. I have many, many teeth that the roots are exposed. I have far too many teeth to have... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Treat my Gummy Smile? (photo)

I went to a consult for botox for my gummy smile.The surgeon said he wouldn't do botox because of the unknown effect but would do lip repositioning.He... READ MORE

Is Upper Gum Lengthening Possible To Make My Upper Teeth Show When I Smile?

When I smile my upper teeth don't seen. Actually they do, but just a little bit. I think gum lengthening will help. So, I wonder Is upper gum... READ MORE

What's the Redness Below the Gums? (photo)

The pictures, it's not my mouth but it's similar to mine and also my front teeth behind it it also push in similar as the front. What is the... READ MORE

How can I correct my gummy smile? (Photo)

I recently got 6 veneers to lengthen my teeth. I have always been unhappy with my small teeth and gummy smile. I figured veneers would be able to fix... READ MORE

Looking to Fix Gummy Smile, What Are My Options? (photo)

Hypermobile lip surgery looks like an appealing method compared to an expensive gingevectomy. I'm most concerned on which professionals believe... READ MORE

I'm 20 and my gums are receding. What should I do? How bad is it really? (Photo)

I have had this for years and it got worse after wearing braces for 3 years. I'm now almost 20 years old READ MORE

Uneven gum line or orthodontic issue? (Photo)

In some pictures, I notice that my teeth look oddly shifted or slanted on one side of my mouth. I had braces for five years, but they were removed a... READ MORE

Options for Cosmetic improvements after gum disease and bone loss? (Photo)

Hi. I posted a similar question earlier and was asked to add Xrays to give better information. These are my pre treatment xrays. I have had 2 years... READ MORE

Receding Gums: Is a gum graft needed? (Photo)

In my recent visit to the dentist I mentioned my receding gums. She said they're fine and nothing to worry about. Should I be thinking about a gum graft? READ MORE

What to do with very small gums and small teeth? My teeth are higher than normal and aren't really visible because of my gums.

I have very small gums and small teeth, but my teeth aren't abnormally small. Because I have small gums my teeth are higher up than normal so no... READ MORE

I have noticed that my gum line looks like it is receding and my tooth root may be exposed (Photo)

I wanted to know what kind of treatments there are to help my teeth, will they fall out and does pinhole gum surgery really work and is it a long term... READ MORE

Is gum contouring an option for me? (Photo)

My two lateral incisors did not grow in. My orthodontist sawed my canine teeth and pushed them beside my two front teeth. Even though my smile is... READ MORE

A chunk of my gum is missing? (Photo)

I check my teeth fairly often as I'm very concious about them. Tonight when i was checking them i noticed a chunk missing in part of the gum around my... READ MORE

What type of surgery can fix this severe case of a gummy smile without tampering the upper lip? (Photo)

I've always been self-conscious about my gummy smile. To be completely honest, my gummy smile only shows when I am laughing or smiling very widely. I... READ MORE

Can't get a dentist appointment for 3 months. How big an emergency is gum recession? (Photo)

Hi. I haven't been to a dentist in years because of lack of insurance. Lately I noticed gum recession, and I'm scared I'm going to lose my teeth. I... READ MORE

Which procedures should I be looking into to fix my smile? (Photo)

I know that I will have to seek out a cosmetic dentist for specifics, but I'm wondering what procedures I should be asking about/looking to find... READ MORE

What are the options to treat my gummy smile? (Photo)

I have a gummy smile that I've been very self conscious about. The snaggletooth, however, does not bother me since it sort of gives my smile some... READ MORE

Gum Bleaching Possible?

Hi, is there a way to treat dark gums at home ? I know there are many specialist out there for this issue, but not here in Germany.. READ MORE

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