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Severe anxiety over teeth and gums, what should I do? - 19 year old female (Photo)

About 6 months ago I noticed the gum on my lateral incisor had receded. I never worried about my teeth before and have never had braces, however I... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Laser Gum Lift Surgery if I Already Have 4 Crowns on my Front Top Teeth?

I have 4 crowns on my two front teeth and each lateral incisor. I have a gummy smile and would like the excess gum removed, but can that be done... READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Gingivectomy procedure? (Photo)

I had ideas of getting a Gingivectomy procedure done for my top 6 teeth only because whenever i smile those top gums show the most and I've became... READ MORE

I am considering a laser gum lift. Would that be possible for me, or would I need crown lengthening? (photos)

I am looking to correct gummy smile, whiten, and get veneers. I feel like the front four are my "problem teeth" but I'm not sure. I have a... READ MORE

I've suffered from gum disease for years, but it has gotten worse. Will I lose any teeth? (Photo)

My dentists had to know I have bad guns because I always bled during cleaning but they never made special note of it, so I assume they thought I could... READ MORE

I had uneven gum line on my front teeth. Today I had a gum lift surgery by a periodontist to reform the unbalanced gum line

Because i had an implant done in the place of the surgery,the Dr thought it is best to perform the surgery with a scalpel.But now I am worried if my... READ MORE

Will laser gingivectomy give me desired results? (photos)

My smile makes me self conscious and the two front are uneven I want to know if a laser will take off enough to make my teeth look really good. I just... READ MORE

Can I have my gum contoured to fix the appearance of this tooth? If not, what can I do? (photos)

Both teeth either side of my 2 front teeth are peg laterals? (really short teeth) and my dentist used white filling material to 'build up' these teeth... READ MORE

The gum is over between on my front teeth for using braces (photo)

I have two two gaps, that means there tow sides front teeth was not born. My total teeth is 28. That is why i am using braces. But the gum is growing... READ MORE

Looking for a Dentist not Periodontist in the Dallas/Fort Worth TX area - laser gum shaping. (photo)

I like the height of the gum line on two front teeth. I've had braces as a kid just got these for a few months (I had misplaced my retainer). No upper... READ MORE

Receding gum on front lower tooth. What should I do? (Photo)

I've had this receding gum line for the past 2-3 years now. It's not painful and I rinse my mouth with corsidol most days and I floss very night. One... READ MORE

Are my bottom front teeth gums receding or is it just from the gap in my teeth? (Photo)

I have always had sensitive teeth and had braces however, my front two bottom and front two top teeth have shifted and formed a gap. I am terrified... READ MORE

Any suggestions for Gum lift and filling?

I wanted to know was there a dentist in the TN area that could do a gum lift and filling for a front tooth. I have a gummy smile and one of my teeth... READ MORE

I had a gum graft done for cosmetic reasons on bottom front tooth. Seems bulky and white, is this normal? Looks terrible (Photo)

I had a gym graft done about 6 months ago, on my bottom front tooth. I'm really unhappy with how it looks and wanted to ask if this is normal? It's... READ MORE

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