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I Hate my Gummy Smile, Should I Have Gum Reduction Surgery Before Getting Crowns/Veneers? (photo)

Would you suggest gum reducing surgery, and then crowns/veeners? I have some bonding now, that is chipped and dis-coloring. Is a gum lift/grafting a... READ MORE

Will I Benefit from Gum Contouring? (photo)

İ have a gummy smile. İ can not afford veeners and so just want gum contouring to improve my smile. İ am aware that this wont make my teeth perfect bu... READ MORE

What is the Best Way to Treat my Gummy Smile? (photo)

I went to a consult for botox for my gummy smile.The surgeon said he wouldn't do botox because of the unknown effect but would do lip repositioning.He... READ MORE

Dr. Chaos Pinhole Technique. Do I look like I would be a successful candidate? (photos)

This is a follow up to the question I posted regarding Dr. Chaos Pinhole Technique. I thank the doctors who answered my question, for their time... READ MORE

Is It Possible to Have Laser Gum Lift Surgery if I Already Have 4 Crowns on my Front Top Teeth?

I have 4 crowns on my two front teeth and each lateral incisor. I have a gummy smile and would like the excess gum removed, but can that be done... READ MORE

Receding Gums: Is a gum graft needed? (Photo)

In my recent visit to the dentist I mentioned my receding gums. She said they're fine and nothing to worry about. Should I be thinking about a gum graft? READ MORE

Am I a candidate for a Gingivectomy procedure? (Photo)

I had ideas of getting a Gingivectomy procedure done for my top 6 teeth only because whenever i smile those top gums show the most and I've became... READ MORE

Options for Cosmetic improvements after gum disease and bone loss? (Photo)

Hi. I posted a similar question earlier and was asked to add Xrays to give better information. These are my pre treatment xrays. I have had 2 years... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for gum contouring?

I feel when i smile its all gums instead of teeth i hate them READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for a Gum Lift pr Estethic Crown lengthening? (photo)

I have a gummy smile and though my braces are fast moving to fix my overbite and crooked teeth, I am worried that when they come off, my teeth will... READ MORE

Is gum contouring an option for me? (Photo)

My two lateral incisors did not grow in. My orthodontist sawed my canine teeth and pushed them beside my two front teeth. Even though my smile is... READ MORE

I am interested in gum contouring. Am I a good candidate? (Photo)

I would like to contour my gums on the top to allow more tooth to be shown. My teeth are pretty short. At the bottom of both my front teeth I could... READ MORE

Should I consider getting a gingivoplasty in the near future (Photo)

Hi. I am 16 years old and I wore braces for about 5 years, from ages 9-14. I have noticed I have always had a gummy smile even before I had Braces. In... READ MORE

Am I (post braces) a candidate for a gum lift procedure? (photo)

This has always been something I have been insecure about. After finding out about this surgery I had hope that it would help. But I'm not sure if I... READ MORE

Am I a good candidate for laser/gum contouring? (Photo)

I recently finished with Invisalign, and while my teeth are straight, I feel like they look small. I would love to improve the cosmetic appearance. READ MORE

Would I be a candidate for gum contouring? (photos)

Obviously once my braces are removed, would I be a candidate for gum contouring? I do not like my gummy smile and am looking for a way to fix it. I... READ MORE

Based off my pictures do I appear to be a good candidate for a gum lift? (laser gum contouring)? (photo)

I have regularly visited my dentist twice a year my entire life. No Braces, I wear a night guard and believe my mouth is very healthy. Unfortunately I... READ MORE

If I have erosive oral lichen planus (OLP), can I get Rejuvagum or LANAP without doing root planing first?

Due to erosive OLP, I've begun to see the roots of my back teeth exposed. My insurance co. would only consider covering GTR / Rejuvagum if I first did... READ MORE

Would I benefit from gum contouring? (Photo)

I always get told I have really small teeth and big gums.. I looked up if there was any way to cure this and found gum cotouring and was wondering if... READ MORE

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