Thermage Overview

*Treatment results may vary


Dr. Michele Green explains Thermage treatments.

Thermage is a non-surgical skin tightening treatment that uses radiofrequency energy to provide subtle skin tightening and body contouring. The technology had advanced over time with Thermage CPT producing better results than previous versions of Thermage according to many doctors. 


One of the major benefits of Themage over a facelift is it requires no downtime. The treatment is designed to be painless with patients experiencing slight heating that can be adjusted by a provider if it is too hot. Unlike with surgery, there should not be any bruising, swelling or recovery needed.


The results of Thermage vary. Some patients receive subtle, but noticeable results. Other patients report minimal to no results. The results can depend on how much skin tightening is required. If there is a lot of loose skin with significant laxity, a treatment like Thermage may not produce ideal results. 

It could take up to six months for the full results of a Thermage treatment to be evident. The results of Thermage are not likely to compare to the results from a surgical procedure like a facelift. 

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