The Most Popular Smart Lipo Transformations - 10 Before and Afters

A Round-up of the Most Popular Smart Lipo Journeys.

Smart Lipo is a procedure that uses a laser energy device to liquefy fat before it's removed through a small tube. With many different types of Liposuction on the market today, Smart Lipo holds a 79% Worth It rating on RealSelf.

We pulled together 10 of the most popular Smart Lipo transformations, the ones that RealSelfers commented on the most. Take a look at their before and afters pics, along with a little update on their progress.

TheCat: Got Smart Lipo After Hearing About It From a Friend

*Treatment results may vary

"I gained 7 pounds and I had to do a touch up since my lower abdomen was slightly uneven. The procedure was a little bit painful. my doctor removed 250 cc of fat this time. he re touch my right side, around my belly button and my back..  will recomend to anybody that doing this procedure not to gain any weigh since the result will change dramatacally.. I have to pay 500 dollars extra since i gained weight.. .  im one day post op and i feel good, i can move around. will post some picture soon."

Lady205: 38-Year-Old Mom of 2 

*Treatment results may vary

"It's been one year since my procedure and I am still loving my results and so glad I did this! I am adding an updated picture."

TONEAL21: Seeking a Slim Stomach

*Treatment results may vary

"My update a couple of years later with NO exercising! This was WELL WORTH it!"

RN1987: 22-Year-Old Nurse

*Treatment results may vary

"Today makes exactly 1 month since I got my procedure done. I am very pleased and ecstatic about my results. I am sexier than ever AND LOVING IT!! As you can see, my belly is flat like a pancake, the swelling is gone, my abs have great definition, and my belly is sculpted all over."

CrystalC: Looking For a Booty

*Treatment results may vary

"I just wanted to write and mention that I don't believe this surgery helps cellulite. I think it created more for me on my rear which is the only thing I'm unhappy about. BUT I would much rather deal with the cellulite than to be the size I was prior to surgery. Therefore, I am happy with the outcome."

TenderToni: Georgia Girl

*Treatment results may vary

"I was told it will take about 3 months to see maximum results. For me this is a substantial difference and I'm truly excited. No pain, no stitches, no blood, no downtime, no scars and no more big belly and sides hanging over. If I don't get any better I'm satisfied and feel like I got my monies worth although I do expect better results."

Smart Lipo TX: 30-Year-Old Wanting Kelly Ripa's Stomach

*Treatment results may vary

"109/110 lbs and my stomach is STILL wavy. keep in mind i have a crappy blackberry camera so you cannot really see the uneveness in the pic. my stomach also looks unnatural, when has anyone ever seen a stomach that looks like that? i havent!!!!"

Future SlimLipoista: 28-Year-Old Mom of 1 

*Treatment results may vary

"4 Days post... I'm still a bit swollen and bruised. I'm really happy with my results and my stomach is CRAZY flat. Since my procedure on Wednesday, 4 of my friends have made appointments."

LaurieKay1: 26-Year-Old Woman in the Air Force 

*Treatment results may vary

"The final verdict: I am pleased with my sides, but not with my abdomen. I no longer bulge over the sides of my pants, just the front. (I can't have it all right?). I've not been able to shake the 10 lbs I've put on since surgery so I haven't taken photos recently."

DMN7656: 40-Year-Old With No Kids

*Treatment results may vary

"I'm not totally flat like you would expect on a 20 year old, as I have somefat BEHIND my abdomen that no lipo is going to take care of.  This still gives me a bit of protrusion.  But, no love handles, great curvature at the waist and I look great in tight dresses.  Im not disappointed at all. I will upload pics of the final results soon."

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