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JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System is a new anti-aging treatment that claims to reduce the appearance of fine lines, crow’s feet, puffiness, and dark circles around the eyes with the help of a battery-powered wand and eye serum. It also comes with a powerful lip serum that claims to hydrate and plump your lips too. At-home devices have been known to hold false promises, but JeNu appears to be living up to its high standards. Even though the product is still relatively new on the market, here's what RealSelfers are saying about it.

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Worth It

"I am a beauty product junkie. I love beauty products and have tried hundreds. I was super excited to recieve the Jenu party pack from House Party. I've had similar eye treatments using an ultra sound wand in a Spa and was curious how the home version would stand up. I have to tell you, I was pleasantly surprised. After just a few treatments, I could already tell the product was working on my fine lines around my eyes. My standard eye products seemed to go on smoother and provided better results than I had seen in the past. I also use the Jenu wand for my lips. I find that it provides a nice plump that lasts throughout the day." -- Chatsalot

"I have been testing the Jenu skincare system out for about 3 weeks. I have horrendous hereditary undereye circles and bags, and was excited that this product targets the undereye area specifically! In only 2 short weeks I saw noticeable results in both the circles under my eyes and overall skin tightness!" - BentleyBlonde

"Two weeks ago, I received in the mail the JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System. I had heard about it on & actually won it in one of their daily giveaways. I have been using it for the past couple of weeks & I can DEFINITELY tell a difference in the look of the skin around the eyes & lips. I've always had dark circles & they've definitely started to fade. Also, the fine lines around my eyes are minimized. And my lips definitely look plumper & smoother." -- HeatieRay

"I purchased a Jenu from my laser treatment center in late April. I am 41 years old, take great care of my skin, but have been unable to improve my dehydration under my eyes, fine lines or dark circles with fillers, lasers or high end creams." -- Taylor04

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