17 Essential Questions About JeNu Answered Here

Can you use JeNu if you've dabbled with fillers? What about Botox? Or over your eyelids? Dr. Reichel and Dr. Baxter answer these burning questions below. 

JeNu Active-Youth Skincare System is an at-home anti-aging device that allegedly plumps your lips and reduces crow’s feet and fine lines around the eyes -- with one ultrasound wand device. RealSelf interviewed the manufacturer’s medical advisors, Dr. Richard Baxter and Dr. Jennifer Reichel, to get to the bottom of its claims.

1. Of all the at-home beauty products out there, what makes JeNu a unique product from a scientific point of view? (And explain to me like I was my smart but not very scientifically savvy aunt).

Dr. Baxter: Well, it’s the only product that is really specifically designed to increase the infusion of active skin care ingredients. So, it uses ultrasound which has to be paired with specific ways of formulating the skin care products, but nothing else really does exactly that.

Dr. Reichel: There are a lot of handheld devices, light devices, that work sort of like you would expect an IPL to work, but way, way, way less energy. And not as much science behind them. Most handheld devices that go to market don’t need FDA approval. They don’t need evidence that they actually work. I think that’s one of the things that sets JeNu apart. It’s the only handheld ultrasound device and it’s also got a lot of science behind it to prove that it works.

2. What do I have to do to maximize the result?

Dr. Baxter: Really you just have to use it once a day for one minute around each eye. It’s designed to give the maximum effect with just a simple daily use like that. Now you could use it for two minutes at a time if you wanted to; that might get a little more product penetration, but you’re already getting twelve times more product into the skin then you would without it.

Dr. Reichel: I actually recommend using two cycles, and no more than that one time a day. I think using it in the nighttime is better than daytime. It should be the first thing you do after you wash your face. If you have your own eye cream that you use, you can completely still use that. For the lips, you can use as many cycles as you want for the lips. You will get a visible plumping of the lips.

3. Is this the kind of product that I need to use, like, ALL the time to see good results from?

Dr. Baxter: I think it’s designed to be a maintenance-type of procedure. Patients are seeing results at seven days and it just makes sense that you would want to maintain that. It’s not like a laser treatment that’s creating a permanent change in the skin. It’s really making the skin care products that you use more effective.

Dr. Reichel: Yes. That doesn’t mean you need to use it every single night, but you need to use it on a regular basis. If you used it for two weeks and you stopped, you’re going to pretty much at some point go back to baseline.

4. Why and how did you get involved with the product and the company?

Dr. Baxter: I’ve had a big interest in ultrasound since I got involved with Liposonix when they were just a startup company and came to appreciate just how versatile the technology was. Then I started offering Ultherapy in my office and am very excited about that as well. Now both of those are focused ultrasounds so they’re different than with the JeNu device, but the more I look into just ultrasound as a technology, I’m finding lots of different ways to use it.

Dr. Reichel: The Vice President of Marketing is one of my best friends and my neighbor. She came to me before JeNu was even launched. I took a serious long look at it and I said I think it’s a good idea. I think it’s coming together from a packaging, brand standpoint and I like how it has science to back it up. I thought it was a good idea for her to get involved. When it started more and more to become a product she’d ask my advice on things. So, I started giving her my advice on the product and that’s how I started getting involved.

5. How long will I have to wait to see results?

Dr. Baxter: You should see results in seven days in terms of better hydration. You’ll see reduction in wrinkles at two weeks, at least in most cases. So, continued use should continue to give better results, but you should really expect to see at least some improvement within a week or two.

Dr. Reichel: If you look at the studies, it shows it takes two weeks to see the benefits. That’s actually a short time. For your lips, I swear the first time you’ll see improvement with your lips.

6. Will JeNu help me if I don’t have wrinkles and fine lines already?

Dr. Baxter: I think it will help just your good skin maintenance, yes. I don’t think there is any reason to wait until you see sun damage to start doing good things for your skin.

Dr. Reichel: It helps maintain the cellular health, the health of the cells, and it also hydrates. Yes, you can definitely use it if you don’t have fine lines and wrinkles.

7. Would I ultimately get more bang for my buck from doing Botox?

Dr. Baxter: I think they really work together. If the main cause of the wrinkles is hyperactive muscle than Botox is going to work better than anything. But, just for the general changes that come from sun damage and aging, then I think you need to have a good skin care product regimen as well.

Dr. Reichel: JeNu does not replace Botox. It doesn’t mean you can buy a JeNu and never have to use Botox again. I’m a big believer in Botox and I think it’s the number one cosmetic procedure people should be doing to prevent fine lines and wrinkles and keep the face looking younger.

8. So why would I buy Jenu and not Clarisonic Opal? I like Clarisonic products and they seem to work pretty well.

Dr. Baxter: Well Clarisonic is really just a way of cleansing your skin basically.

Dr. Reichel: All the Opal it does is just oscillates. One, it doesn’t have the science behind it and it also doesn’t have that ultrasound wave, it just moves.

9. What exactly does the JeNu ultrasound wand do and is it safe for my skin?

Dr. Baxter: Ultrasound has been around for a while and I think a lot of people are familiar with  it, but it’s just really getting, I think, a new level of interest because of new ways of using it and if you make the skin care product in a specific way that has its own microspheres of a specific size and density they will oscillate in response to the ultrasound and that makes these little, sort of microbubbles in the outer layer of the skin that opens up passages between the cell for the products to get through. It’s a low energy ultrasound and it works in a very specific way with the product so, yeah it’s perfectly safe for skin.

Dr. Reichel: If you use it as you’re supposed to use it, it’s totally safe.

10. Everyone skin is different and a lot of people have sensitive skin. If you’re delivering 12 times the ingredients, couldn’t that be a bad thing for a lot of people?

Dr. Baxter: No, it depends on the ingredient more than the way you infuse it. If you are going to have a reaction to a particular ingredient, than that would not be something you want to use; whether it’s with JeNu or not.

Dr. Reichel: It potentially could be if you were using it to put Retin-A in your skin. Retin-A takes a while to get used to because it’s a strong product. However, the JeNu eye treatment contains pretty low concentrations of Vitamin A and C, hyaluronic acid, which you can push through your skin all day long, that’s what fillers are made of. If you’re feeling a little bit of irritation though, ease into it. If you ease into the use of a product you’re skin will get used to it and eventually over time your skin will like it.

11. Can you tell me a patient story that was a huge success? And maybe not such a good result … and why that is?

Dr. Baxter: You know, I think the response has been pretty positive and I haven’t really heard any stories of people who have just been completely disappointed with it. I think like anything else, if you have the wrong expectations with a product or a device. It’s designed for fine lines around the eyes that are due to aging and sun damage and it should be pretty effective with that. But, if you have the deeper lines, something that’s really better treated with Botox, it by itself is not going to make a big enough of a difference.

Dr. Reichel: I haven’t had anybody bring one back to me saying they felt like it was too hot. And I haven’t had anyone bring one back to my office and tell me it caused them trauma to my skin. I’ve had two people who felt it made the area under their eyes swell. They were overusing it, both of them were using it 3 to 4 times a day. It’s just not recommended to use it that frequently.

12. So … how do I know that I’m a good candidate for JeNu?

Dr. Baxter: Well, really if they’re seeing fine lines around the eyes, maybe a little bit of pigment irregularity, then those are the kind of things that this is going to work well for. But, it’s a consumer device so it’s not something you need a prescription for or a medical consultation for. So, really just kind of go by what you see. If you are seeing some signs of aging then it’s probably worth giving it a try.

Dr. Reichel: Even if you’re young it’s something you can start using. I think anybody is a good candidate, but I wouldn’t use it on a 10-year-old. I think anybody in their mid-twenties on up can use it. Even say you’re in your 60s and 70s and you haven’t really been doing cosmetic treatments, I still think you’d benefit from it.

13. Why does JeNu have significantly better results to cure hydration as opposed to wrinkles (it’s nearly a 50 percent difference)?

Dr. Baxter: With hydration, it’s a short-term thing and what JeNu does with hyaluronic acid is it increases the residence time in it because if you can drive it in more deeply it’s going to stay longer. Wrinkles, that’s more of a structural change and it requires kind of long-term remodeling in the skin as the cells turn over. So, that’s not something you are going to see an immediate change for, or at least not as quickly.

Dr. Reichel: It it is easier to hydrate skin than it is to reduce wrinkles. It takes years to make the wrinkles. So it isn't as easy to erase them overnight. But, you can hydrate young skin and older skin. Likewise, even if you are young, you could have dehydrated skin.

14. If I get fillers, can I still use JeNu?

Dr. Baxter: We have considered the question of JeNu over fillers, and do not believe it will have any effect.

Dr. Reichel: Yes, you can still use JeNu. However, I like to tell patients that they should probably wait around 2 -4 weeks before they use their JeNu. This depends on the amount of swelling and possible bruising that you get after fillers. Also, you may metabolize the filler to a degree. You could end up with a lot of swelling under the eyes if you just had fillers in that area. These are not solid recommendations, but they are the ones that I give to my patients.

15. If I get Botox, can I still use JeNu?

Dr. Baxter: Yes.

Dr. Reichel: Yes, absolutely. I counsel patients not to use JeNu for 2-3 days after getting Botox injections. This isn't a standard rule, but seems to be a safe practice to me.

16. What is the benefit of promoting and selling a handheld device like JeNu in your office?

Dr. Baxter: Many plastic surgeons carry skin care products so they can address their patients’ anti-aging needs more comprehensively. JeNu helps those products to work more effectively and I became involved with the company as a consultant because of my interest and expertise in ultrasound technology.

Dr. Reichel: JeNu is a great complement to the treatments that we offer. It can act as a "maintenance" in between visits, and offers improvement for fine lines and hydration for patients. Botox does not cure wrinkles immediately, so the JeNu can help to smooth them out. It is like offering a "souped up" version of a good eye cream. Our patients have been really excited about JeNu and have been loving the results.

17. Can I use my JeNu on the part of my eyelids that covers my eye?

Dr. Baxter: It should not be used over the part of the eyelid the covers the eye.

Dr. Reichel: No, you should not use JeNu on eyelids. The skin is too thin. I would be worried about swelling.

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