INSPIRA® Breast Implants: Here's What You Need to Know

Shape that Holds. Satisfaction that Lasts.

® INSPIRA® is a line of 5th generation round, silicone gel-filled breast implants featuring 400 different options to provide you with the most customized fit for your body. INSPIRA® implants have been available in Canada since 2011, and have been used in Europe and Australia extensively since 2007.

INSPIRA® Before & After Photos

NATRELLE® INSPIRA® STYLE SRF-415. Photos provided by Dr. Mitchell Brown.
NATRELLE® INSPIRA® STYLE SRM-255. Photos provided by Dr. Mitchell Brown.
NATRELLE® INSPIRA® STYLE SRM-310. Photos provided by Dr. Mitchell Brown.
Individual results may vary.

What makes INSPIRA® different?

INSPIRA® implants are designed with a 95% average fill to offer more projection at every width and to help maintain optimal fullness in the upper half of the breast. This means that the implant will hold its shape better with less chance of animation deformities like rippling or wrinkling in the future.

Natrelle Classic Round

INSPIRA® implants offer you (and your plastic surgeon) the most options so you can have a customized look and fit.

2 Gels:

  • TruForm® 1 is a soft, cohesive gel that is responsive to movement and molds easily to your desired shape.
  • TruForm® 2 is a slightly firmer, more cohesive gel that holds its shape even better over time, meaning less rippling or wrinkling in the upper part (or pole) of the implant.

2 Shells: Smooth and Textured

5 Projections: Implant volume is determined by a combination of your breast-base width coupled with projection, which is the distance implants extend outwards from your chest. The higher the projection, the larger your breasts will look.

Natrelle Choices

More options mean more choices to help your surgeon achieve a natural result that is customized uniquely to you.

From Allergan, the Makers of BOTOX Cosmetic®, Juvéderm®, Latisse®, and NATRELLE® 410

ALLERGAN has been a global leader in breast aesthetics for over 40 years, with a presence in 76 countries worldwide. About 850,000 implants and tissue expanders are manufactured annually at its state-of-the-art facilities, and each of its implants undergoes 93 quality control tests.

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Real Stories, Real Patients, Real Results

Nikki's Story With NATRELLE® INSPIRA®
“It's been very inspiring to see the change in me since getting breast augmentation. I'm looking forward to enjoying all my new outfits and living life to the fullest!”
—Nikki, yoga instructor and nursing student
Natrelle INSPIRA® Style SRF-415. Individual results may vary.
“I wanted something that reflected all the work that I'd been doing inside, and breast augmentation just seemed to make sense for me.”
—Lee, musician and competitive athlete
Natrelle INSPIRA® Style SRM-255. Individual results may vary.
Melissa’s Story With NATRELLE® INSPIRA®
“After I got pregnant, I had breasts like never before. They stayed that way until I stopped breastfeeding, and then they started to go down.”
—Melissa, mother and spa owner
Natrelle INSPIRA® Style SRM-310. Individual results may vary.

Natrelle Breast Aug Facts
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