B to D Cup Breast Augmentation - Photos

Written by Varci V.

Upgrading from a B to D is a popular discussion in the RealSelf community. For some, it's just that "the girls" need a boost post-breastfeeding, while others love their B cup shape -- but wouldn't mind going bigger...
B cup breasts before surgery       d cup breasts after augmentation surgery from b cup     
After trimming pounds, LN812 said her breasts were small and "deflated".  She went for a larger size and is "SO happy" saying, "I would have hated to [have] gotten the smaller size and then wished I went bigger... the cleavage is amazing!"
before breast augmentation from B to D       After her breast augmentation, going from B to D
Paisley 73 says she experienced "anxiety and sleepless nights" when choosing her size -- but is "happily" settled on her 425 cc silicone implants.
tall blond scottsdale's pre-op goals were, "more symmetrical breasts, reduced areolas and B to large C/small D cup size enhancement." Her results with over-the-muscle gummy bear implants "far exceeded" her expectations.
Breastfeeding three children left doingitforme123 "a very deflated 34B".  She says she wanted a "full and larger" yet "natural" look -- so she opted for 450 cc silicone under-the-muscle implants.
Cinnamon Girl has always worn padded bras and felt "disproportionate" as she has "significant hips".  After going from a 36 B to a 36 D she says, "I still wish they were a little larger some days, but I love them!"
"I thought [my D cups were] too big at first, but I think once the swelling goes down, they should be great," says 5mom (who breastfed all five of her children).
"I had an amazing experience. My doctor is truly a professional and a perfectionist! I love my body!" says Nola4life, who went from a 32 B to a 32 DD with round, saline implants.
SeattleNatalie says she is thrilled with her chosen size and says, "[My implants] are very proportional-- exactly what I wanted. I would honestly be really surprised if someone thought they were fake."
sahmiam, who nursed four of her children for a total of 7 years said, "her poor breasts [were] sad and depleted."  She says of her post-op experience:  These first two weeks have absolutely been a challenge, but I'd do it all over again. I cried when I tried on a bikini top and filled it out and THEN some..."
Texmomm simply wanted "to add some fullness to my breasts and try to correct the fact that my left breast was larger than my right one" post-pregnancies.   She says of her 34 DDD cups, "I am so happy with the full, natural feeling results!"
"[Although] I love my breasts -- I want the same shape but a tad bigger [after surgery]," said newbbewb.  Now post-op, despite that there is "just happiness when she looks down", she does she wish she went bigger, "I officially have boob greed!"
Jenni38's "only regret" is "not being more insistent at going a little larger" with her 425 cc saline implants.
Beckwo, who says she's waited for her surgical date "since she was in middle school" says she's "already in love" with her choice -- under-the-muscle silicone.
"I love the way they look on me and it's really nice having something up top for sure. I wish they were bigger of course..." says thatgirl8 after sizing up from a 34 B to a 32 DD.
twiggylemon, who has wanted augmentation since she was 16 says she really liked the shape of her pre-op breasts, "but just wanted them to be a lot bigger!"  And now that she's post-op she says, "My mom and my boyfriend are so tired of hearing all about my boobs. It's all I talk about! I can't help it.. I'm just so happy with them."

Once you have your implants, post-op massage is crucial to keeping some implants soft. Learn which need this extra step of care and which don't, as described by Dr. Heather J. Furnas.

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