Find Out Why the Structured IDEAL IMPLANT Might be Right for You

The IDEAL IMPLANT® Structured Breast Implant is a new type of implant designed by a plastic surgeon. It combines a beautiful look and natural feel with the safety of only saline inside, for peace of mind. Unlike silicone gel implants, with IDEAL IMPLANTS, you can look in the mirror and know your implants are intact.

Why Choose the IDEAL IMPLANT

Advantages Over Saline Implants:

• A more natural feel

• Maintains its youthful shape

• Less chance of wrinkling

Advantages Over Silicone Gel Implants:

• Look in the mirror and know your implants are intact

• Only saline inside for peace of mind

• No risk of silent rupture

• No need for FDA recommended MRI scans

See the Before and After Results of IDEAL IMPLANT

7-year results, Total Implant Volume: 300cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Robert S. Hamas.
Total Implant Volume: 495cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Jeffrey E. Schreiber.
Total Implant Volume: 375cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Steven L. Ringler.
Total Implant Volume: 525cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Matthew A. Galumbeck.
Mastopexy and Total Implant Volume: 400cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Regina Rosenthal.
Total Implant Volume: 350cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Paul W. Loewenstein.
Total Implant Volume: 300cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. Aysel Sanderson.
Total Implant Volume: Right breast, 410cc. Left breast, 400cc. Photos courtesy of Dr. William S. Umansky.

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