Has a Raised, Dark Scar Post Surgery Crossed Your Mind?

With embrace® Active Scar Defense, don't give it another thought.

From mommy makeover, breast augmentation, and tummy tuck scars to arm lift and breast lift scars, embrace will ensure that you have the seamless finish you’ve always envisioned. Developed by world-renowned scar experts, FDA-cleared embrace is not your typical scar treatment. It uses advanced tension relieving technology to actively prevent scar formation before it starts.

Only embrace delivers the triple-strength action needed to prevent scar formation.

Tension Relief

embrace gently contracts and holds together both sides of your closed incision to relieve tension and prevent scars from forming.

Stress-Shield™ Technology

Stress-Shield Technology protects and stabilizes your incision, minimizing the widening and thickening of your scar as it heals.

Restorative Silicone

Restorative silicone dressing helps soften, flatten, and fade scars by hydrating scar tissue.

Listen to What Patients Say

embrace Side-by-Side Photos

Breast lift
Tummy tuck
Breast augmentation
Tummy tuck
Same scar - very different results
Tummy tuck
Breast augmentation
Breast augmentation

embrace is Beyond Compare

A broader range of benefits than any other scar treatment on the market—that’s the value of embrace.

A Totally Unique Scar System

Easy-to-Use Applicator

Precisely off-loads tension for consistently great results

100% Silicone Dressing
Soft, flexible, and light for a comfortable and discreet wearing experience

Medical Grade Adhesive
Creates a supportive and protective barrier around your entire healing site

Visual Helper
Just position the black line over your incision to properly apply the dressing

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