Breast Implants Overview

Breast Implants are used in breast augmentation (also, augmentation mammoplasty). Breast implants can also be used in breast reconstruction following a mastectomy (the implant replaces breast tissue that has been removed due to cancer) or in male-to-female gender reassignment surgery

Getting breast implants is a serious and expensive decision that involves a number of factors that you should research and discuss with a board-certified plastic surgeon. In fact, these choices and options are the main discussions you'll see in the RealSelf community. Below are some videos to get you started.

Breast implant filler: In the US there are two choices for breast implant fillers: saline or silicone. 

Breast implant size: How big should you go?

Incision location: All plastic surgeons provide patients with a breast implant surgery plan which includes where they'll make an incision to insert the implant. 

Breast implant placement
: During surgery, the doctors makes a space, or pocket, for the implants, that sits behind the breast tissue and over the muscle (sub-glandular) or underneath both the breast tissue and the pectoralis major muscle (sub-muscular).
The personal stories and testimonials shared on RealSelf, along with the breast implant forum, before and after photos, and expert answers from board-certified plastic surgeons are meant for you to build confidence in the right decision.

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