Top 10 Essentials to Getting the Best Breast Implants

What do women need to know before getting breast implants? Check out the the top 10 breast implant resources created by the RealSelf community, ranging from surgery pricing to breast implant alternatives:


1. Breast implants cost, prices

Our community reports breast implant cost ranging from $5,000 to $15,000+. Tip: when considering breast implant costs, note that implants do not last forever. Most women require an average of 3 breast implant replacements over a lifetime. Read more about breast implant cost

2. Breast implants before and after

A doctor's photo gallery is an important step to visualizing your potential before and after. Tip: look out for fake before and after breast implant pictures. Photos should have consistent placement and lighting. See our breast implants before and after galleries 

3. Silicone vs. Saline breast implants

Plastic surgeons will help you determine whether silicone or saline breast implants are right for you. Tip: During a consultation, a doctor should discuss risk of rupture, risk of capsular contracture or hardness, naturalness of feel, presence of ripples, risk of future surgeries, fear of unknown rupture. Read more about silicone implants vs. saline implants

4. Choosing the right breast implants size

It's obviously important to select the right breast implant before surgery. Tip: try it before you buy it. Go to a board-certified plastic surgeon. Bring a sports bra. Try on different implant sizes at the office. Get more tips for choosing the right breast implant size

5. Under muscle or over the muscle placement

Most women ask their plastic surgeon to recommend a breast implant placement that gives a natural looking breast enlargement.  Read tips from over 20 plastic surgeons on the best breast implants placement

6. Breasts implants alternatives

Nonsurgical techniques to enhance breast size include 1) Hormonal pills, supplements, creams. 2) Brava Breast Enhancement system. 3) Breast augmentation via fat injection. 4) Enhancing garments such as bras or inserts. Discover more about breast implants alternatives from medical experts

7. Natural looking breast implants

In addition to breast implant placement, the shape will influence the appearance of the breast augmentation. Tip: Many women believe that breast implant profile or shape are critical to a natural looking result.  Plastic surgeons find that the natural look will result from technique, placement, volume of implants relative to current breast size and breast dimensions. Read more about natural looking breast implants

8. Nipple sensitivity after breast implants surgery

Of potential side effects from breast implants, of highest concern to our community is nipple sensitivity. Tip: Hypersensitivity is normal after surgery, but whether it lasts depends upon nipples gaining projection after augmentation and the rubbing on clothing or the bra.  Read more about nipple sensitivity or pain after breast implants

9. Breast implants replacement

How long breast implants last and need to be replaced varies tremendously. Tip: Some plastic surgeon replace breast implants on a schedule, while others suggest replacement after a breast implant rupture. Learn more about breast implants replacement

10. Finding the right breast implants plastic surgeon

Got to a specialist in breast augmentation and seek out a board-certified plastic surgeon. Go to our doctor finder and print out the questions to ask during a breast implants consultation

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