Body Wraps: What You Need to Know

Body wraps are a body contouring treatment designed to tighten skin. The treatment uses a combination to organic material and gauze. Results can vary and body wraps have a 32% RealSelf Worth it Rating.

Do body wraps actually work?

Now that you know what a body wrap is, curious about how and if it works? Watch as one RealSelfer tests out the product for herself.

If my body wraps don't work, what can I do about it?

If your body wrap is a bust, is there any legal action you can take? RealSelf asked a lawyer at Avvo, and here's what he had to say.

Other non-invasive options for body contouring:

CoolSculpting (67% Worth It Rating in 2014)

Zerona (45% Worth It Rating in 2014)

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Top Body Wrap Questions (With Answers!) 
Can body wraps reduce stretch marks?
Is weight loss from the body wrap permanent?

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