A to C Cup Breast Augmentation Photos

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Indianapolis RealSelfer formeonly830, who "always wanted" more than an A cup, admits, "I wish they were bigger...but my hubby thinks they are big enough."


Adelaide RealSelfer Belle33 says that although she is in "love love love" with her C cups, she also wonders if she chose the right size. "It's funny... and never thought I'd say this, but if I was to do this again, I would consider going slightly larger," she says.

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Seattle RealSelfer Jordanb1 once played competitive softball and says it was, "almost a benefit to have a small chest." But now that her softball career has ended, she "couldn't be happier" with her C cups. "I finally have the boobs I've always wanted!"she says.

Albany, NY RealSelfer Serena75says that she changed her mind "daily" when it came to selecting a breast implant size. She's now "SO happy I don't have to wear padded bras, inserts and camis anymore... "

New York RealSelfer angienyc wanted "larger breasts from the moment I realized that I was never going to have them." She says that while she is "super happy" with her 36 C, she does "sort of wish" she went for a D.


National Harbor, MD RealSelfer meesh07 was "barely a 34 A" and refused to buy any bra that was smaller. She asked her surgeon for "a nice C cup, just enough to look proportionate," and now says it's the "best money she ever spent."


Grand RapidsRealSelfer PrettyMommy30 was certain that she wanted to have "a [breast augmentation] done after I nursed my first child and my breasts shrank." Post-op, she was freaked out at first. "I worried that they might be too big or that I'd never feel like they are part of me, but the worry has started to ebb and I'm getting excited for my new figure," she says.

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Bozeman RealSelfer Schatzy reveals, "I've always worn padded bras, like the Victoria's Secret Add-2-Cups Bra, but the cups are empty, which makes it impossible to wear even a slightly low-cut shirt." She opted for extra-high profile silicone implants (375 cc in the right and 350 in the left).

San Francisco RealSelfer snappy69 quit smoking to prep for "the girls", which is a smart move. She says, "I go up and down on the size part. Sometimes I think they are small, and sometimes I think they are big. Either way, they are way bigger than they used to be."

Chicago RealSelfer Adastra, describes herself as "a very tall, slightly broad-shouldered girl." She says having smaller breasts negatively affected her self-esteem. She emphasized that she wanted a "natural look" during her during her pre-op consultation.

Phoenix RealSelfer cherryberry reveals that after having three children and breastfeeding, the "small amount" of breast volume she once had was "even less and my nipples were sagging." Post-op, she's "very happy" with her "wonderful new breasts."

Pittsburgh RealSelfer BeachReady is now "loving her girls more every day" — especially as they heal and soften. She did have some anxiety immediately post-op that her implants were "huge" and "busting out" of a 32C bra.


Dallas RealSelfer 3572 says, "Before surgery, I was COMPLETELY flat chested. I wore a 32A and couldn't even fill that out. I am now a 34B/32C. Everyone told me that they wished they had gone bigger and that I would too, but honestly I am thrilled with my new size."

San Antonio RealSelfer esan chose 330 cc saline implants after doing volumes of research. She says the post-op pain wasn't that bad and so far, she thinks they "look great".

Phuket, Thailand RealSelfer BBoobies says: "After three months, they [have] definitely dropped, softened and look more natural." She once considered herself "flat as a pancake".  She says her 320 cc silicone implants were "definitely worth it" as she can "fill dresses now, show off cleavage [and] wear [swimsuits] without being self-conscious."

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