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Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due... READ MORE

What's the Strongest Glycolic Acid Solution for Olive Complexion?

The technician told me that you need to start out slowly, but I think it was just a waste of $150. My skin is really non irritating and .01% Retin-A... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel, Fillers, Botox with Severe Psoriasis Condition

44 years old with super sensitive skin and suffer from severe psoriasis triggered by the slightest. Been using protopic .01% for 4 years. Breakouts... READ MORE

Do glycolic acid peels cause hyperpigmentation in Indian skin?

I was reading some reviews of people who have done chemical peels and i saw someone mentioning that it caused them hyperpigmentation after chemical... READ MORE

I have done a home glycolic peel at 35% and my feels scaly in patches, why is this?

I have mild to moderate acne, I regularly have a 10% peel but decided to up it. I only left it on for 2mins & neutralised, it felt warm for a few... READ MORE

How can I dilute 70% glycolic acid to 35% since i am a first time user. And also time to keep it on my skin?

I have got 70% glycolic acid and am a first time user. Wants to know how can I dilute it to 35 or 30%? READ MORE

When do I need to use the glycolic acid cream?

Hello doctors I want to know what glycolic acid cream do to my skin and when i should use it??? Thank you READ MORE

Black, Goose Bump-like Spots After Glycolic Acid Peel - Is This Normal?

Hi, I just got my chemical peeling done with glycolic acid. not sure of the concentration. I had very bad acne over my arms and shoulders. There were... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Go on Holiday in the Sun After a Having a Couple Glycolic Peels?

I have some small dark marks from acne and have just had a course of 3 microdermabrasion and am about to start a course of 3 glycolic peels. I am... READ MORE

Sagging 'puffiness' after glycolic peel followed by hyaluronic copper peptide serum. Any suggestions?

I'm worried about an acid peel kit I've used. Used it 3 weeks ago no problem, used the included hyaluronic /copper peptide serum twice on it's own,... READ MORE

Glycolic acid peel 50% - second degree burn. (photo)

On March 28th I used glycolic acid on a dark patch on my face. I recently did a 30% then went to 50%. It started to burn so I neutralized it. Went to... READ MORE

What's the difference between skin exposed to a light glycolic peel and young skin?

I am mixed race and think a bit of sunlight is good for you -not sunbathing, just walking around in the UK sunshine for 30 mins a day to get vitamin D... READ MORE

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