Scarring + Glycolic Peel

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Burns After Applying Glycolic Acid Peel 70%?

I used to apply gycolic acid 35%regularly I was okay with that so I applied 70% this time. I had sever burning sensation, I immediately washed it off... READ MORE

First time glycolic peel 30% at home; redness, brown spots, early signs of scarring, face still sore after 2 hours

I was impulsive and didn't do research on glycolic peel. I did a 30% at home. I had done microdermabrasion and peels at a licensed aesthetician's... READ MORE

Will my face scar? I had a bad reaction to a glycolic peel in the areas where I've used Retin A. (Photo)

The other day I went to get a facial and got a 20% glycolic chemical peel. I had told her previously that I used Retin A on certain parts of my face.... READ MORE

Are these going to scar? Should I be looking into treatments to minimize the scarring? (Photo)

I had a glycolic peel done last Friday, and immediately I could tell it was too strong. She told me it was a 30% peel and she removed it within a... READ MORE

How do I get rid of wrinkles that surround my enlarged pores and how do I reduce their size? (photos)

Im a 27 yo black male with oily skin. I have enlarged pores and when I smile they stretch and the skin around them turn into wrinkles. The pores are... READ MORE

Could my glycolic peel have caused permanent scarring? (photos)

A year ago, I used a 40% glycolic peel and left it on for 10-12 minutes. Recently, my attention has been drawn to the areas on either side of my chin... READ MORE

Brown scabs after glycolic peel. Will these scar? What can I do? (photos)

Okay I just got a chemical peel yesterday and I did not look bad after. But today looks like little brown scabs. help !. There was a bit of frosting... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid Peel Over Acne Makes it Bleed, Then Dry Up and Flake Off. Is This Okay?

I started doing 30% glycolic acid peel on my face, but I still have some acne, so if I do the peel over my active acne it bleeds. but the next day it... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel on Asian Skin?

Hi all, so last year I had microdermabrasion at a beauty salon. The brasion was very harsh on my skin. It has now left mild dents and pigmentation. I... READ MORE

I hav many scars due to ingrown, thick hairs. I cannot go out without covering them. What are my options? (Photo)

I am undergoing lazer treatment with NDyag lazer and not seeing any changes in the dark spots or ingrowth. i am thinking of goin for a chemical... READ MORE

I think there has been some scarring or a tattoo something done to my face prior to chemical peel ? (photos)

I think my gf had done this to me while I was sleeping think she drugged me. I noticed lighter lines a year ago that appeared out of nowhere never had... READ MORE

Why do I have hyper-pigmentation and scarring after my Glycolic Peel? How long will it take to reduce these scabs?

It's not my first time using my 10% Glycolic acid peel (which is pretty mild in it self), however I've developed hyper pigmentation, some... READ MORE

i have 40% Glycolic Peel scarring. Do I use a stronger peel to even skin seeing as peels help with scarring?

I used a 40% glycolic peel to improve my dark skin im african american, t got the scarring not from leaving the peel on too long but because of my... READ MORE

Glycolic 15% chemical burn for 30mins. What kind of burn is this? How to heal it and remove the scarring? (photos)

I put a cotton ball soaked with 15% glycolic acid on top of a whitehead on my forehead, however I accidentally left it for around 30mins. , the skin... READ MORE

will this dark scarring/spoton my cheek ever fade away? (photo)

My doctor did a glycolic peel on my face four weeks ago. the scarring is stressing me out as it does not appear to go away. I went back to my doctor 2... READ MORE

30% Glycolic (AHA) Peel - Is this normal? Help! (Photos)

These are pictures from a 30% Glycolic Peel done from Day 1 to 3 done in a derma clinic. Are the results normal given that it looks burnt? Actually, I... READ MORE

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