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30% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel for Scars?

I have scars on my legs mostly because of some ingrown hair. Can I remove them with 30% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel? READ MORE

How To Treat Burns After Microderm and 70% Glycolic on Fair Skin Black Female?

I am fair skin black woman who had microderm and 70% glycolic done at the same time. The microderm was aggressive and the peel stayed on for about 5... READ MORE

Glycolic Vs TCA Peel for Dark Scars on Legs?

I have light skin and I have old dark scars on my legs, should I use a TCA peel or Glycolic peel or can both be used alternatively? Please advise. READ MORE

I Burnt my Face with 100% Glycolic Acid. Will my Skin Scar?

Will there be risk of scarring or anything?my face turned real red and now is blackish on colour,darker than my complexion.i am black in skin... READ MORE

Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due... READ MORE

80% Glycolic Peel Ruined the Texture of my Face. Will a Series of TCA Peels Help This?

I recently did an 80% g. peel. (yes I now know how stupid it was.) & I didn't take care if it or keep it moisturized during the peeling process so... READ MORE

Applied 40% glycolic peel. Now have red/dark brown splotchy marks on cheeks. Will this scar or heal? Should I see a derm?(Photo)

Applied it last night for 5 min. Burned a lot on cheeks but expected this since its acid. Washed it off using baking soda/water combo. Immediately... READ MORE

Will glycolic acid damage repair itself in time?

I used a 10% glycolic acid lotion for 1.5-2 months, and was left with a couple shallow, atrophic scars, large pores on lower cheeks, and some patchy... READ MORE

Will a light glycolic acid peel help reduce pore size and get rid of dark scar on face?

Hello, I am 20 years old and have extremely large pores and a dark scar around my mouth that looks like a beard(The scar is extremley dark). I am... READ MORE

Can a glycolic acid burn still be healing a month later? Will I likely scar?

I accidentally used 2 products with glycolic acid in them, A cleanser followed by a 10% toner. I had a very bad reaction with burning, redness,... READ MORE

30% Glycolic Peel - Scabbing on face? Will it scar? Is this normal? (photo)

I had done an at-home 30% glycolic peel (3 layers, each applied 2 min, 30 seconds after each other) for a total of 8 minutes. This is not the first... READ MORE

Glycolic acid peel only peeled around my mouth and now it looks like scars? Which one should I use to get nice results? (Photo)

Ive been using glycolic acid peel for about 2 months now,I get acne here and there still and big ones.Every time I do chemical peeling at home, only... READ MORE

Will I have a scar left with a 30% glycolic peel, please help?

A %30 glycolic peel was applied to my face. I had it once pefore but it did not hurt like this time. She applied the %30 glycolic acid on my face for... READ MORE

Burn from glycolic chemical peel. Is it going heal fine or will it scar? (photos)

Hi! So i have had a chemical peel yesterday, it has now been 21 hours since the peel occured. Therefore, It's not the fist time I get one ( I have had... READ MORE

Recently had glycolic and salicylic chemical peel.

Its my fourth day it as peeled completely but i still see too much off black scars on my face,does the scar reduces or it remains.this is my first... READ MORE

I got a few very superficial scars due to exfoliation by glycolic acid 6%.

I used Glycolic acid & My skin got irritated bcoz of less moisturization. How can I fix them? Before Glycolic acid worked well for me. Scars are... READ MORE

I had a glycolic chemical peel/ dermafile treatment done and notice one area by my upper cheek is red. Any suggestion? (photo)

I was treated by an esthetician shortly afterwards after I told her I was experiencing a strong burning sensation. She applied a cold towel and... READ MORE

How often can I use AHA lotion if I'm doing glycolic peels?

I am doing 40% glycolic peel every 2-3 weeks. Can I use a daily AHA 8% along with that? I would wait at least a few days afterward, but I'd like to go... READ MORE

Brown crusting scars after using 40% glycolic acid peel. Is that normal? (Photo)

Its my first peel I have used 40% gylcoic acid Peel at home left for 2 minuteson face to treats pimples nd their marks but it left brown crust under... READ MORE

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