Redness + Glycolic Peel

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Redness and Crusting After Glycolic Peel

I just received a glycolic facial peel yesterday for the first time ever. Today, I woke up and saw my chin area bright red, scabby-looking, dry,... READ MORE

Burns After Applying Glycolic Acid Peel 70%?

I used to apply gycolic acid 35%regularly I was okay with that so I applied 70% this time. I had sever burning sensation, I immediately washed it off... READ MORE

When Does the Redness from a Glycolic Peel Go Away?

I recently used a 30 percent glycolic peel on my face and neck. I left it on for 10 min. My face got crusty and dry and scabbed where i had acne. My... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Put on Sunless Tanner After a Glycolic Acid Peel?

I am doing an at home treatment for glycolic acid peel. I use sunless tanner afterwards so it helps with the redness the next day. Is this safe? READ MORE

Used Glycolic Acid Peel and Have Red Raised Splotches; Are They Burns?

I bought a 35%glycolic 45% lactic acid peel to use at home. I used it a year ago,being cautious left in on for only 30 secs.My skin was exfoliated... READ MORE

Is this a burned face after glycolic peel?

My check area is very red and i feel burning sensation for two days already. In my forehead i got scratches. my face really looks horrible. I feel so... READ MORE

First time glycolic peel 30% at home; redness, brown spots, early signs of scarring, face still sore after 2 hours

I was impulsive and didn't do research on glycolic peel. I did a 30% at home. I had done microdermabrasion and peels at a licensed aesthetician's... READ MORE

Red Marks Remaining After a Glycolic Peel Burn, Should I be Worried?

I had a glycolic peel at a clinic which burnt my skin, crusted and peeled over a week. My main concern now is 3 1/2 weeks later I still have red... READ MORE

Possible Scar Tissue After Glycolic Peel? (photo)

I had a glycolic peel done about 4 years ago and after the treatment the skin around my nose and upper lip were VERY raw.My esthetician told me to... READ MORE

Burn from Glycolic Peel 40%? (Photo)

The glycolic peel 40% was left for 5 minutes. Only this spot experienced redness (there was a pimple and it was treated with Retin-A one day before... READ MORE

Scabbing after 40% glycolic peel? Will this redness go away?

2 days ago I got a 40% glycolic peel. Immediately afterward there were a few small white patches which kind of bubbled up a bit and I treated it with... READ MORE

Face become red after glycolic acid 10% (photos)

My face became red after using glycolic acid 10%. Please suggest me. Here are the pictures READ MORE

What happened to my face? (Photo)

I had a 50% glycolic peel 5 days ago and I am still experiencing bumps, dark marks, redness and burning. I have been putting Le Mer Treatment Lotion... READ MORE

30% glycolic acid peel at home mild burning...when will it begin to work?

I have tried 30% glycolic acid peel at home first I have done a patch test on a small area on my skin the test was fine I felt very mild tingling... READ MORE

Would you recommend a glycolic peel or derma rolling on my type of akin? (photos)

So I have been struggling with huge pores and redness around my nose down to my mouth area (and apples of cheeks)for years now. I have normal to dry... READ MORE

How to Treat Skin Discoloration After Using Glycolic Peel?

I used glyco peel 30% for 15 min. It was my 7th application already. After the peel, i was tempted to removed the visible dead skin to the area of... READ MORE

Just Got a Glycolic Peel 2 Days Ago, but I Suddenly Have Red Painful Marks All over my Face. Normal? (photo)

Just got a glycolic peel 2 days ago, but I suddenly have red painful marks scattered all over my face. Is this normal? READ MORE

Any Ways to Speed Up Healing from Redness Glycolic Peel?

I had a 70% Glycolic Peel done last week. It's still a bit sore and my face but it stings and there's still a bit of peeling left in my face. I'm just... READ MORE

I'm no longer peeling or red 8 days after glycolic 20% peel. Is this normal? I use cloderm and vaseline (Photo)

Have i hyperpigmented? Or Is this normal post peel? The peel was left on for only a few minutes. Should I give it some time or should I start using... READ MORE

How can I heal a redness from a glycolic acid peel gone wrong and acne from subsequent treatment on my nose? (photo)

The acne treatments seem to make the redness get worse, and the moisturizers seem to make the acne worse. What is the best way to fix this, treating... READ MORE

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