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Glycolic Peel Percentage for Acne Scars, Fine Lines, and Pigmentation?

I am 26 years old from India. I have acne scars, fine lines, and pigmentation on my face. What percentage of Glycolic Peel would be effective for me? READ MORE

Burns After Applying Glycolic Acid Peel 70%?

I used to apply gycolic acid 35%regularly I was okay with that so I applied 70% this time. I had sever burning sensation, I immediately washed it off... READ MORE

Is a 50% Glycolic Acid Peel to High Percent to Use for the First Time?

I am a 16 year old female from england and have recently perchased a 50% glycolic acid peel to remove my acne scars and redness, I have been doing... READ MORE

What should I do after a chemical peel, wash with water or apply neutralizer?

If I applied a chemical peel for 30 seconds should I have to wash it with water after 30 seconds or just apply a neutralizer plzz reply and iam using... READ MORE

First time glycolic peel 30% at home; redness, brown spots, early signs of scarring, face still sore after 2 hours

I was impulsive and didn't do research on glycolic peel. I did a 30% at home. I had done microdermabrasion and peels at a licensed aesthetician's... READ MORE

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs?

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs? READ MORE

Burn from Glycolic Peel 40%? (Photo)

The glycolic peel 40% was left for 5 minutes. Only this spot experienced redness (there was a pimple and it was treated with Retin-A one day before... READ MORE

Scabbing after 40% glycolic peel? Will this redness go away?

2 days ago I got a 40% glycolic peel. Immediately afterward there were a few small white patches which kind of bubbled up a bit and I treated it with... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid at 10%... How long until results?

I've been using Glycolic Acid at 10% on my face for about 2/3 weeks now and I have been applying every other day as instructed. Although my skin does... READ MORE

What is the Percentage Glycolic Acid That Should Be Used on Minors?

My friend's daughter went for an underarm bleach in one derma clinic but was prevailed upon by the nurse attendant to undergo a glycolic peel... READ MORE

Is a 40% glycolic peel safe?

I'm going to apply and try a 40% glycolic peel at home, i have enlarged pores, and acne scarring, would like to know if this glycolic peel is safe. READ MORE

I recently did a glycolic peel 40% and it burned my face pretty badly what do I do? I already went to my dermatologist. (Photo)

I recently did a glycolic 40% peel and it burned my face pretty badly. I'm on day 4 or five n this is still the result. I'm afraid I'll have... READ MORE

I've burnt myself on Glycolic Acid Peel 30% yesterday night, how severe is it? Do I need to worry? (Photo)

Hello, yesterday night I applied some Glycolic Acid Peel 30% from Perfect Image, I left it on for around 1 minute in total, one side of my face got... READ MORE

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Can I Use for Dry Mature Skin At Home?

I want to do a peel at home.What percentage of glycolic acid can i use at home?I have dry mature skin Would appreciate your advice. Thaks very much. READ MORE

Is it normal to have bumps and scabs after a glycolic peel? (Photo)

I did my first glycolic peel, she used 50% but just one layer. I was told to leave it on from 10am to 7pm. Then wash it off and moisturize. 4 days... READ MORE

I have been using 20 percent glycolic on my face and it doesn't do a thing even after 8 minutes. I have oily skin.

I am trying to lighten the brown spots on my face and so far nothing works. I have a big one right under my eye and it looks like I have a bruise all... READ MORE

Will a 30% glycolic acid peel help with hyperpigmentation? How often can I use it?

I have SUPER large pores in areas on my face. It looks like my skin is scarred. READ MORE

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