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I Had a Glycolic Chemical Peel Done and I'm Not Seeing Any Peeling. Is This Normal?

Also since i have the peel done 1 week all i'm having is breakouts is this normal? READ MORE

Skin Test Before Glycolic Peel?

I am 66, female, trying to improve facial fine lines around mouth, some sagging, general dullness, and slight redness on cheeks. As an... READ MORE

Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due... READ MORE

I have superficial burns after 50% glycolic peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I got the 3rd of a series of glycolic peels at my derm ofc yesterday (the PA did them). progressed from 30-40-50% . 1st 2 peels fine w/ peeling w/... READ MORE

Haven't Started Peeling Yet!?

I've had 3 glycolic peels 50% and haven't noticed peeling or any reduction in wrinkles. do you need to peel to see difference? plus what would you... READ MORE

30% glycolic acid peel at home mild burning...when will it begin to work?

I have tried 30% glycolic acid peel at home first I have done a patch test on a small area on my skin the test was fine I felt very mild tingling... READ MORE

Glycolic acid 50% peel disaster. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had in home glycolic acid 50 % peel to reduce black pigmentation from acne. Here is my face on the 22nd and 3rd day. Is it normal ? I got no pain... READ MORE

How do I treat a burn from a 50% glycolic peel? I had a Jessner peel 2 1/2 weeks ago so my skin is fragile and brand new (photo)

I had previously been getting 35% glycolic peels weekly. I purchased a 50% glycolic peel online. I figured I was used to 35% so it would be ok. I left... READ MORE

I had more dark pigmentation after my glycolic peel in the perioral area. Please do help me. (photos)

I had pigmentation on my upper lip and below the lower lip. My doctor did glycolic peel and my skin was inflamed and i was prescribed with mometasone... READ MORE

Is this type of peeling normal after a 30% glycolic acid peel? (photos)

I did an at home 30% glycolic acid peel late Monday night and left it on for about five minutes before neutralizing. Immediately after my face was... READ MORE

Is swelling normal on day 6 of a light glycol peel? (photo)

On day 4 I was red with a rash, mild itching and uncomfortable like a sunburn. Peeling is light and flaky, but has lasted 5 days and not done yet.... READ MORE

7 days after glycolic peel. I still have dry peeling skin and it is red? (Photo)

What kind of OTC would you recommend I try? Please DON'T answer with....go to a doctor or specialist. I see that answer on almost everyone else's... READ MORE

Why Won't my Skin Stop Peeling 2 Weeks After Using Glycolic Acid?

I used a glycolic acid 20% foam on my face one time two weeks ago. Since then, the skin on my face is literally sloughing off. Even my neck is peeling... READ MORE

Can I use pure Aloe juice/gel from the actual Aloe leaf right after applying the 30% Glycolic acid peel?

I am getting ready to do a Glycolic acid peel at home on myself. I was also planning on using the Microdermabrasion tool I just purchased in... READ MORE

I got 20% glycolic acid peel 10 days back. How much more time will it take to peel?

Its not peeling yet though i can see some dark patches of skin and loose upper layer of skin. READ MORE

Can I use sauna after peeling my back?

I did peeling for my back and shoulders two weeks ago , my back still peeling and feel itchy , can I use the sauna or sould I wait? READ MORE

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