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How To Treat Burns After Microderm and 70% Glycolic on Fair Skin Black Female?

I am fair skin black woman who had microderm and 70% glycolic done at the same time. The microderm was aggressive and the peel stayed on for about 5... READ MORE

First time glycolic peel 30% at home; redness, brown spots, early signs of scarring, face still sore after 2 hours

I was impulsive and didn't do research on glycolic peel. I did a 30% at home. I had done microdermabrasion and peels at a licensed aesthetician's... READ MORE

80% Glycolic Peel Ruined the Texture of my Face. Will a Series of TCA Peels Help This?

I recently did an 80% g. peel. (yes I now know how stupid it was.) & I didn't take care if it or keep it moisturized during the peeling process so... READ MORE

I Got a Dark Patch on Both my Arms from Leaving 10 % Glytone Peel on for 24hours

I got a dark patch on both my arms from leaving 10 % glytone peel on for 24hours.It looks really bad, its been over a week now. Can i do another... READ MORE

How can I get my complexion back which has become darker after taking 7 glycolic peels? How long will it take to recover?(Photo)

I m an asian female.i had used skinlite cream for 5 months to treat fractional laser scars on my face.but after sometime dark patches occurred on my... READ MORE

How do i remove these holes from my face? (Photo)

Im 25 yrs old from India. i have got these holes and big pores on my face. What should i do? my dr did glycolic acid peel. Mild one. Will these holes... READ MORE

Can a glycolic acid toner be used while on Accutane?

I am currently on my last month of Accutane and while my skin is free of acne, lately I have been bothered by my slight hyper pigmentation marks as... READ MORE

I've taken 7 sittings of glycolic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but my face is getting darker. What should I do?

I m 30 years old female with wheatish skin tone but after taking gycholic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on cheeks my complexion has become darker.I... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my ingrown hair dark spots on my legs? (Photo)

I get ingrown hair on my legs when I shave and therefore getting laser hair removal soon but I'm not sure how to get rid of the brown marks left... READ MORE

I recently did a glycolic peel 40% and it burned my face pretty badly what do I do? I already went to my dermatologist. (Photo)

I recently did a glycolic 40% peel and it burned my face pretty badly. I'm on day 4 or five n this is still the result. I'm afraid I'll have... READ MORE

I do 50% gylconic peels, derma rolling, but I have dark red, rough skin under my eyes. What to do? Feels like sandpaper!

I may have missed area with 3 previous peels? I use a moisturizer (copper peptide, vit E) all thru the day. Want to do 50% peel only on these areas.... READ MORE

Glycolic, Jessner or TCA for lines, hydration & brightening in 40yr old skin? (Photo)

I've always had a great skincare routine that has consisted of retin A, great moisturizers and tons of sunscreen. I had jessner 6yrs ago & was... READ MORE

Chest lines. I am thinking of getting a glycolic peel. is there a better option?

29 y/o, fair skin, sun damaged. I've just started noticing fine vertical lines leading from my cleavage to upper chest. (I know from side sleeping,... READ MORE

I did Glycolic acid peel for 5 sessions. My face looks worse. I have rashes all over my face. What can I do now?

I finished my course on Glycolic acid Peel, it was 5session package so saturday was my last session. But by the time I arrived home i'm having rashesh... READ MORE

My Face Skin Looks a Lot Darker Than my Body After Glycolic Peel. What Should I Do?

Glycolic peel cause my skin to become darker which is not going away i am a indian wih medium complexion almost a year ago i suffered from pimple and... READ MORE

I have been using 20 percent glycolic on my face and it doesn't do a thing even after 8 minutes. I have oily skin.

I am trying to lighten the brown spots on my face and so far nothing works. I have a big one right under my eye and it looks like I have a bruise all... READ MORE

I have red, swollen pimples after a 70% glycolic acid peel. How can I treat them? (Photo)

Had razor folliculitis and some PIH from laser hair removal session on my arm. had a clean face before the peel but post peel i got a few pimples and... READ MORE

Can I use a collagen mask right after a peel?

I am giving myself a50 percent gycolic peel can I put a collagen mask on after READ MORE

Can I use 20% vitamin c serum hyaluronic acid amino blend & vitamin e everyday use and 30 % glycolic acid peel once a week?

So I've been doing chemical peel at home once a week 30% glycolic acid, I've been trying to figure out if it's OK to use 20% Vitamin C hyaluronic... READ MORE

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