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How To Treat Burns After Microderm and 70% Glycolic on Fair Skin Black Female?

I am fair skin black woman who had microderm and 70% glycolic done at the same time. The microderm was aggressive and the peel stayed on for about 5... READ MORE

First time glycolic peel 30% at home; redness, brown spots, early signs of scarring, face still sore after 2 hours

I was impulsive and didn't do research on glycolic peel. I did a 30% at home. I had done microdermabrasion and peels at a licensed aesthetician's... READ MORE

How do i remove these holes from my face? (Photo)

Im 25 yrs old from India. i have got these holes and big pores on my face. What should i do? my dr did glycolic acid peel. Mild one. Will these holes... READ MORE

80% Glycolic Peel Ruined the Texture of my Face. Will a Series of TCA Peels Help This?

I recently did an 80% g. peel. (yes I now know how stupid it was.) & I didn't take care if it or keep it moisturized during the peeling process so... READ MORE

Can a glycolic acid toner be used while on Accutane?

I am currently on my last month of Accutane and while my skin is free of acne, lately I have been bothered by my slight hyper pigmentation marks as... READ MORE

I Got a Dark Patch on Both my Arms from Leaving 10 % Glytone Peel on for 24hours

I got a dark patch on both my arms from leaving 10 % glytone peel on for 24hours.It looks really bad, its been over a week now. Can i do another... READ MORE

I recently did a glycolic peel 40% and it burned my face pretty badly what do I do? I already went to my dermatologist. (Photo)

I recently did a glycolic 40% peel and it burned my face pretty badly. I'm on day 4 or five n this is still the result. I'm afraid I'll have... READ MORE

How can I get my complexion back which has become darker after taking 7 glycolic peels? How long will it take to recover?(Photo)

I m an asian female.i had used skinlite cream for 5 months to treat fractional laser scars on my face.but after sometime dark patches occurred on my... READ MORE

Does skin become oily after a glycolic peel?

I had a glycolic peel done at home with 50% glycolic acid.......my skin has started to become more oily after that....is it something i need to worry... READ MORE

I've taken 7 sittings of glycolic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but my face is getting darker. What should I do?

I m 30 years old female with wheatish skin tone but after taking gycholic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on cheeks my complexion has become darker.I... READ MORE

Strength of Glycolic acid daily under eye?

Hiee . What strength of Glycolic acid should be used under eye ? Iam using Alpha 10% lotion which is meant for face . Can I apply it under eye? Iam 28... READ MORE

How can I get rid of my ingrown hair dark spots on my legs? (Photo)

I get ingrown hair on my legs when I shave and therefore getting laser hair removal soon but I'm not sure how to get rid of the brown marks left... READ MORE

I used Neostrata's 10% glycolic acid serum, a couple of days after I used their 4% cleanser and 4% moisturizer spf 30 and serum

Red swollen itchy bumps all over my face, a very excessive amount, I feel so much texture when I touch my face and can see it too; never used glycolic... READ MORE

Will glycolic acid bleach my skin?

I'm a black female with dark spots (PIH) on my cheeks. I want to start using a glycolic acid serum but I read that'll bleach my skin and I do not want... READ MORE

It's my 7th day after a 30% glycolic peel. Is it bad to be out in daylight?

Is it bad to be out in daylight? Not necessarily the strong sun rays? I'm wearing cetaphil spf 50+ READ MORE

What kind of peel should I use for post- eczema hyperpigmentation on my legs and buttocks? (Photo)

I had full body eczema and unfortunately, it severely altered the colour of my skin especially my buttocks and the back of my legs from top to bottom.... READ MORE

My Face Skin Looks a Lot Darker Than my Body After Glycolic Peel. What Should I Do?

Glycolic peel cause my skin to become darker which is not going away i am a indian wih medium complexion almost a year ago i suffered from pimple and... READ MORE

I have been using 20 percent glycolic on my face and it doesn't do a thing even after 8 minutes. I have oily skin.

I am trying to lighten the brown spots on my face and so far nothing works. I have a big one right under my eye and it looks like I have a bruise all... READ MORE

Can I use 20% vitamin c serum hyaluronic acid amino blend & vitamin e everyday use and 30 % glycolic acid peel once a week?

So I've been doing chemical peel at home once a week 30% glycolic acid, I've been trying to figure out if it's OK to use 20% Vitamin C hyaluronic... READ MORE

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