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Does the Skin Get Worse Before Getting Better After a Glycolic/Lactic Peel?

My husband and I just had a Glycolic 25%/Lactic 35% peel done and his very light fine lines under his eyes are now deep wrinkles! Is it possible that... READ MORE

I Had a Glycolic Chemical Peel Done and I'm Not Seeing Any Peeling. Is This Normal?

Also since i have the peel done 1 week all i'm having is breakouts is this normal? READ MORE

Can a Glycolic Chemical Peel Cause Wrinkles to Form Under Eyes?

I recently tried two glycolic chemical peels, one 30% and 50% but i think i had them two close together and received what i believe to be a chemical... READ MORE

1 Day Post Glycolic Peel: Is it Normal to Have Red Spots and Tingling?

Hi, I Had a Slight Glycolic Peel Yesterday and noticed a few red burned spots on my cheeks and are still there this morning. still felt tingling... READ MORE

Will PIH Heal Completely After Glycolic Peel?

Hi, my skin type is IV. I had 3 Glycolic peels at 70%. Three weeks after the last one, I developed a very sever PIH. Now I´ve been with HQ 4%,... READ MORE

Applied 70% Glycolic Acid And Have Crust Above Lip Only- Is This Normal?

Applied 70% Glycolic Acid Have Crust Above Lip Only Rest of Face is Normal READ MORE

35% Glycolic Acid Peel and Pain; Is This Normal?

Is a 35% Glycolic Acid peel supposed to sting to the point that you can`t wait to get it off after even one minute? Nothing I've researched... READ MORE

Results of DIY Glycolic Peel - Typical?

40% Glycolic Peel 4 days ago, left on for 5 mins. It barely stung and didn't irritate my skin. Before the peel, I'd had 3 deep peels thru my Doc and... READ MORE

Burning and Intolerance to Creams After Glycolic Peel, Normal?

I'm doing a homemade treatment of weekly glycolic peels (30%). The 1st 2 weeks I had no problems.The 3rd week I kept it for 12 mins (2 layers)... READ MORE

How Normal is a Swelling and Blistering Reaction in a Light Glycolic Peel?

I performed a light peel-Murad's Rapid Exfoliator max. strength to my client exactly as detailed in protocol. Within one min. of it being on the... READ MORE

Blackheads After Glycolic Peel Normal?

I had a light glycolic peel and this morning I have little blackheads all of,er my face and my pores look bigger. Is this normal? READ MORE

Dermaplane with glycolic peel two days ago. Is this scabbing normal? (Photo)

Two days ago I had a dermaplane w/glycolic peel. 30% left on 3 min. I stopped taztorac 1 wk ago. I was using that about every 3 days for the last... READ MORE

Brown crusting scars after using 40% glycolic acid peel. Is that normal? (Photo)

Its my first peel I have used 40% gylcoic acid Peel at home left for 2 minuteson face to treats pimples nd their marks but it left brown crust under... READ MORE

Glycolic peel 25% left on for a few minutes, is the redness and lump normal? (photo)

Also has the peel burnt my skin? Will it begin to peel in a few days? And how long until I can do it again? Will my skin scar from the red bump or is... READ MORE

Is this a normal reaction after a 10% glycolic peel?

I did a 10% glycolic peel for the first time and then just washed my face with a basic cleanser after to neutralise it. The next day my skin was fine... READ MORE

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