Moisturizer + Glycolic Peel

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Moisturizer After a 20% Peel

After a 20% glycolic or similar peel, is a pure vegetable oil a good moisturizer or should I purchase a specific moisturizer? I was wondering if I... READ MORE

Burn from Glycolic Peel 40%? (Photo)

The glycolic peel 40% was left for 5 minutes. Only this spot experienced redness (there was a pimple and it was treated with Retin-A one day before... READ MORE

I've burnt myself on Glycolic Acid Peel 30% yesterday night, how severe is it? Do I need to worry? (Photo)

Hello, yesterday night I applied some Glycolic Acid Peel 30% from Perfect Image, I left it on for around 1 minute in total, one side of my face got... READ MORE

How do I treat a burn from a 50% glycolic peel? I had a Jessner peel 2 1/2 weeks ago so my skin is fragile and brand new (photo)

I had previously been getting 35% glycolic peels weekly. I purchased a 50% glycolic peel online. I figured I was used to 35% so it would be ok. I left... READ MORE

I used Neostrata's 10% glycolic acid serum, a couple of days after I used their 4% cleanser and 4% moisturizer spf 30 and serum

Red swollen itchy bumps all over my face, a very excessive amount, I feel so much texture when I touch my face and can see it too; never used glycolic... READ MORE

I did a 30% Glycolic peel for mild acne scars and it burned my skin. Can it be fixed or is it permanent damage? (Photo)

I have gotten done AHA peels in the past (twice), so I did a 30% glycol peel myself. I put the first layer for about one minute and a second layer for... READ MORE

Hi I had a glycolic acid peel done 25% and it was left for 2 minutes at most. I have a sore red spot and did put moisturisers on

Is this normal? Also has the peel burnt my skin? Will it begin to peel in a few days? And how long until I can do it again? Will my skin scar from the... READ MORE

Any suggestions on a good face wash, moisturizer after peeling?

Hi sir I have many dark spots left by acne on cheeks so I tried everything but it didn't fade.I got to know about chemical peel at home so I m... READ MORE

Should I consider glycolic peel ? And can I use retin a to diminish spots and marks on my face? (photo)

I had acne since puberty and even tough now I don't get cystic acne I get bumps and spots , my whole skin on the face is troublesome , large pores too... READ MORE

Can I go out in public after glycolic acid peel?

I've done my research on peels, but I want to know, using a 40% glycolic peel properly, will my face look irritated that its embarrassing to go out in... READ MORE

Can I start putting jergens daily self tan moisturizer on my face after light glycolic peel?

I had a light glycolic peel done Thursday in derm office. Can I start using jergens daily self tanning face moisturizer now on day 3 after the peel? READ MORE

Beginner at glycolic acid: How should I arrange it when I'm using glycolic acid twice a week

Hi I'm starting out on using glycolic acid but I'm not sure how because I'm currently using a salicylic acid based cleanser. Is it okay to use a... READ MORE

How can I heal a redness from a glycolic acid peel gone wrong and acne from subsequent treatment on my nose? (photo)

The acne treatments seem to make the redness get worse, and the moisturizers seem to make the acne worse. What is the best way to fix this, treating... READ MORE

How to get rid of little bumps around my chin after a glycolic peel at home? (Photos)

I did a glycolic peel at home that was 40% and the first time I did one I left it on for 3 minutes and was fine. The second time I left it on for... READ MORE

Redness, slight hyperpigmentation and mild peeling after using glycolic acid 12% (Photo)

I started on glycolic acid 12% with once a week and slowly built up to daily in over 6 weeks periods. For the beginning 3-4 weeks there was... READ MORE

Use of glycolic and retinol moisturizers. Can I use the glycolic moisturizer during the day and the retinol in the evening?

I recently bought an AHA moisturizer (12% Glycolic, vitamins, minerals) which is for A.M. + P.M. use. I also have a retinol cream for P.M. use... READ MORE

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