Hyperpigmentation + Glycolic Peel

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Hyperpigmentation After Glycolic Peel

I had my 4th Glycolic Peel (30%) done a month and a half ago, and while the first 3 treatments were great, this one left my skin damaged. What should... READ MORE

Skin Darkening After Glycolic Peel

I am an African, black woman and my hands and feet were darker than the rest of my body. I had them peeled with Glycolic peel and the color was... READ MORE

Sauna After Glycolic Acid Peel?

I get 30% GA Peel weekly and was wondering, how long should I stay away from sauna after the peel? I practice yoga in a heated 110 degree room for an... READ MORE

Glycolic Vs TCA Peel for Dark Scars on Legs?

I have light skin and I have old dark scars on my legs, should I use a TCA peel or Glycolic peel or can both be used alternatively? Please advise. READ MORE

Are 50% Glycolic Peels Safe for Black Skin? Any Risks? (photo)

I'm a black male in my early thirties who has had four weekly courses of 20% salicylic peels. The results have been fresher more radiant looking... READ MORE

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs?

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs? READ MORE

Could Glycolic Peels Combined with Microdermabrasion have Caused Hyperpigmentation?

After several combined treatments of microdermabrasion (either CrystalClearâ or Dermagenesis)followed by a glycolic acid peel I developed brown... READ MORE

I have superficial burns after 50% glycolic peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I got the 3rd of a series of glycolic peels at my derm ofc yesterday (the PA did them). progressed from 30-40-50% . 1st 2 peels fine w/ peeling w/... READ MORE

Small Red Marks on Forehead from 5 Months W/ Hydroquinone?

Hello, back in April I did an at home 30% glycolic peel, never again, a month later I was in the sun and within days brown spots were on my forehead.... READ MORE

Please someone help me. Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

I recently I used a 14% glycolic acid on my face and neck for chemical exfoliation over the counter product and I forgot to use sunscreen. Now my face... READ MORE

I've taken 7 sittings of glycolic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but my face is getting darker. What should I do?

I m 30 years old female with wheatish skin tone but after taking gycholic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on cheeks my complexion has become darker.I... READ MORE

Do I have a post hyperpigmentation in the dermis?

I am a Light Colour Indian. 12 Years Back I did a Glycolic Acid peel 15% on my which gave me a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation only on my forehead... READ MORE

Will 30% Glycolic acid get rid of my hyper pigmentation?

I just want the dark circle around my mouth way so should i just put retin-a only there? how long do i have to take retin-a before my peel ? how long... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation in the Dermis and Q Switch ND YAG Laser ?

I have skin type 4 (Indian Skin) I have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by 15% Glycolic Acid Peel over 12 years ago. My Dermatologist says... READ MORE

Do glycolic acid peels cause hyperpigmentation in Indian skin?

I was reading some reviews of people who have done chemical peels and i saw someone mentioning that it caused them hyperpigmentation after chemical... READ MORE

Hydroquinone in Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation! Any suggestions?

I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by a 15% Glyclolic Acid Peel it has been 12 years now and it still not gone completely, it has faded... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Dermamelan treatment?

I have recently just got the dermamelan treatment , i'm on day 5 at the moment and i had alot of peeling yesterday but when i woke up in the morning... READ MORE

Will a 30% glycolic acid peel help with hyperpigmentation? How often can I use it?

I have SUPER large pores in areas on my face. It looks like my skin is scarred. READ MORE

I'm no longer peeling or red 8 days after glycolic 20% peel. Is this normal? I use cloderm and vaseline (Photo)

Have i hyperpigmented? Or Is this normal post peel? The peel was left on for only a few minutes. Should I give it some time or should I start using... READ MORE

Hear and hyperpigmentation?

I have some dark hyperpigmentation spots from cystic acne I had in July. I got a glycolic 40% peel and after peeling the spots looked a lot lighter,... READ MORE

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