Hyperpigmentation + Glycolic Peel

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Hyperpigmentation After Glycolic Peel

I had my 4th Glycolic Peel (30%) done a month and a half ago, and while the first 3 treatments were great, this one left my skin damaged. What should... READ MORE

Skin Darkening After Glycolic Peel

I am an African, black woman and my hands and feet were darker than the rest of my body. I had them peeled with Glycolic peel and the color was... READ MORE

Sauna After Glycolic Acid Peel?

I get 30% GA Peel weekly and was wondering, how long should I stay away from sauna after the peel? I practice yoga in a heated 110 degree room for an... READ MORE

Are 50% Glycolic Peels Safe for Black Skin? Any Risks? (photo)

I'm a black male in my early thirties who has had four weekly courses of 20% salicylic peels. The results have been fresher more radiant looking... READ MORE

Glycolic Vs TCA Peel for Dark Scars on Legs?

I have light skin and I have old dark scars on my legs, should I use a TCA peel or Glycolic peel or can both be used alternatively? Please advise. READ MORE

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs?

What Percentage of Glycolic Acid Should I Be Useing for the Hyperpigmentation on my Legs? READ MORE

Please someone help me. Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

I recently I used a 14% glycolic acid on my face and neck for chemical exfoliation over the counter product and I forgot to use sunscreen. Now my face... READ MORE

I have superficial burns after 50% glycolic peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I got the 3rd of a series of glycolic peels at my derm ofc yesterday (the PA did them). progressed from 30-40-50% . 1st 2 peels fine w/ peeling w/... READ MORE

Could Glycolic Peels Combined with Microdermabrasion have Caused Hyperpigmentation?

After several combined treatments of microdermabrasion (either CrystalClearâ or Dermagenesis)followed by a glycolic acid peel I developed brown... READ MORE

Small Red Marks on Forehead from 5 Months W/ Hydroquinone?

Hello, back in April I did an at home 30% glycolic peel, never again, a month later I was in the sun and within days brown spots were on my forehead.... READ MORE

I've taken 7 sittings of glycolic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on my cheeks but my face is getting darker. What should I do?

I m 30 years old female with wheatish skin tone but after taking gycholic peel to treat hyperpigmentation on cheeks my complexion has become darker.I... READ MORE

Do I have a post hyperpigmentation in the dermis?

I am a Light Colour Indian. 12 Years Back I did a Glycolic Acid peel 15% on my which gave me a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation only on my forehead... READ MORE

Do glycolic acid peels cause hyperpigmentation in Indian skin?

I was reading some reviews of people who have done chemical peels and i saw someone mentioning that it caused them hyperpigmentation after chemical... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation in the Dermis and Q Switch ND YAG Laser ?

I have skin type 4 (Indian Skin) I have Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation caused by 15% Glycolic Acid Peel over 12 years ago. My Dermatologist says... READ MORE

What kind of peel should I use for post- eczema hyperpigmentation on my legs and buttocks? (Photo)

I had full body eczema and unfortunately, it severely altered the colour of my skin especially my buttocks and the back of my legs from top to bottom.... READ MORE

Hydroquinone in Post Inflammatory HyperPigmentation! Any suggestions?

I have post inflammatory hyperpigmentation caused by a 15% Glyclolic Acid Peel it has been 12 years now and it still not gone completely, it has faded... READ MORE

Can I use Glycolic acid cream after healing from a chemical burn on the same area?

I was using 10% Glycolic acid cream everyday for two weeks and the same week of using the cream I used some nair hair remover on the same area and it... READ MORE

Hyperpigmentation Dermamelan treatment?

I have recently just got the dermamelan treatment , i'm on day 5 at the moment and i had alot of peeling yesterday but when i woke up in the morning... READ MORE

Will a 30% glycolic acid peel help with hyperpigmentation? How often can I use it?

I have SUPER large pores in areas on my face. It looks like my skin is scarred. READ MORE

I'm no longer peeling or red 8 days after glycolic 20% peel. Is this normal? I use cloderm and vaseline (Photo)

Have i hyperpigmented? Or Is this normal post peel? The peel was left on for only a few minutes. Should I give it some time or should I start using... READ MORE

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