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When Can I Excercise After a Chemical Peel?

2 days i got a glycolic peel 30 % so is it okay to exercise or do i have to wait a week? READ MORE

I Had a 35% Glycolic Peel 3 Weeks Ago from Tomorrow and Can't Get One Spot on Forehead to Heal Please Advise? (photo)

Hello I recently got a 35% peel at my dermatologist office. She had recently suggested that I start Nouvelle Journee (retinol) product and did not... READ MORE

Will PIH Heal Completely After Glycolic Peel?

Hi, my skin type is IV. I had 3 Glycolic peels at 70%. Three weeks after the last one, I developed a very sever PIH. Now I´ve been with HQ 4%,... READ MORE

The dermaplane that I had done 2 days ago left small scrapes and cuts on my face. What can I do to heal these quickly?

I had a dermaplane with mild glycolic peel 2 days ago. I was left with many small cuts and scrapes on my face. Is this the result of an inexperienced... READ MORE

Applied 40% glycolic peel. Now have red/dark brown splotchy marks on cheeks. Will this scar or heal? Should I see a derm?(Photo)

Applied it last night for 5 min. Burned a lot on cheeks but expected this since its acid. Washed it off using baking soda/water combo. Immediately... READ MORE

Burn from glycolic peel not neutralizing properly. Will tretinoin and hydroquinone help?

I did a chemical peel 50% glycolic and didn't neutralize it completely now there are spots and a significant burn mark on my cheek I've been putting... READ MORE

Can a glycolic acid burn still be healing a month later? Will I likely scar?

I accidentally used 2 products with glycolic acid in them, A cleanser followed by a 10% toner. I had a very bad reaction with burning, redness,... READ MORE

Can I use Glycolic acid cream after healing from a chemical burn on the same area?

I was using 10% Glycolic acid cream everyday for two weeks and the same week of using the cream I used some nair hair remover on the same area and it... READ MORE

Is this type of peeling normal after a 30% glycolic acid peel? (photos)

I did an at home 30% glycolic acid peel late Monday night and left it on for about five minutes before neutralizing. Immediately after my face was... READ MORE

Will my skin recover from burns from a glycolic acid peel? (Photo)

I did a derma rolling treatment on my face which was fine I have done that a million times. Two days later I did a 40% glycolic acid peel. I left it... READ MORE

Are these burns from a chemical peel? What should I be doing? (Photo)

I had a glycolic acid peel done yesterday. I also use differen at night which I am prescribed. I was never told to stop using it at all. I called the... READ MORE

Burn from glycolic chemical peel. Is it going heal fine or will it scar? (photos)

Hi! So i have had a chemical peel yesterday, it has now been 21 hours since the peel occured. Therefore, It's not the fist time I get one ( I have had... READ MORE

Brown scabs after glycolic peel. Will these scar? What can I do? (photos)

Okay I just got a chemical peel yesterday and I did not look bad after. But today looks like little brown scabs. help !. There was a bit of frosting... READ MORE

Any Ways to Speed Up Healing from Redness Glycolic Peel?

I had a 70% Glycolic Peel done last week. It's still a bit sore and my face but it stings and there's still a bit of peeling left in my face. I'm just... READ MORE

How can I heal a redness from a glycolic acid peel gone wrong and acne from subsequent treatment on my nose? (photo)

The acne treatments seem to make the redness get worse, and the moisturizers seem to make the acne worse. What is the best way to fix this, treating... READ MORE

I Am an Esthetician. I Have a Client That Used a Glycolic Pad 17 1/2 Percent. She Held the Pad in One Place for 7 Min?

I saw her yesterday 1-12-2013 it had been a week.She said it looked better there was scabing which she for some .reason pulled off some of the... READ MORE

I think glycolic/BP burned my skin. What else can I put on my cheeks to help heal them?

Hi, last week I used a glycolic acid cleanser and a 2.5% benzoyl peroxide gel. A day afterwards I started feeling a burning sensation on my cheeks.... READ MORE

Small bleeding spot and Irritation after 40% glycolic peel. Is this normal? (photos)

I got my third 40% glycolic peel on Saturday to help with some acne scars. I was surprised to see that there was one small spot with blood on my cheek... READ MORE

Glycolic 15% chemical burn for 30mins. What kind of burn is this? How to heal it and remove the scarring? (photos)

I put a cotton ball soaked with 15% glycolic acid on top of a whitehead on my forehead, however I accidentally left it for around 30mins. , the skin... READ MORE

Can you idenify these microscopic pics of my skin? (Photo)

Can you please tell me if you have seen anything like this and what I need to do to get some help from my doctor. I had thousand of those white cells... READ MORE

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