Forehead + Glycolic Peel

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70% Glycolic Acid Peel with Mild Psoriasis on Face

I am a 32 year old male with mild psoriasis on my forehead just below hairline and two small areas on cheeks. It is well controlled with steroid... READ MORE

Do I have a post hyperpigmentation in the dermis?

I am a Light Colour Indian. 12 Years Back I did a Glycolic Acid peel 15% on my which gave me a Post Inflammatory Hyperpigmentation only on my forehead... READ MORE

Is my face purging after light glycolic peel?

I just got a light glycolic peel and the next day I got a whole bunch of little colorless bumps on my forehead and jawline. Is this my skin just purging? READ MORE

Can glycolic acid cause hypopigmentation?

I used a cosmetic product that contained glycolic acid. I noticed a few months after stopping use of the product that hypopigmentated spots appeared... READ MORE

If 10% glycolic acid lotion no longer tingles has it stopped working?

I have been using a10% glycolic acid lotion for approx 4 months every night and had tingling. I stopped for a month and then started again but there... READ MORE

How long is it gonna take to see the final result? How often should I use this and can I use this on my neck? (Photo)

I am filipina, not happy with my skin recently. I get more acne now than usually, the pores around my nose is larger than i remember, i have... READ MORE

After glycolic peel I got swelling, redness, and pimples all over face. Any suggestions?

The day after the peel igot redness all over face and swalling with irritation like infection and small pimples springled over cheeks and forehead READ MORE

What should I do? (photos)

I have done mild chemical peeling (20% glycolic acid) on my face about 17 days ago and right after the peel there was a grey-brown discoloration on my... READ MORE

Can I get a burn from 12% glycolic acid? (Photo)

I am using glycolic acid lotion which have 12% glycolic acid n 5%lactic acid yesterday night i apply but i keep it n sleep in morning i wake up n saw... READ MORE

Can I Apply the Glycolic Acid Peel on Just the Forehead, Nose, and Beard Area or the Whole Face?

I'm 30, male, olive skin. Mild acne scarring on my forehead, black/white heads on nose (looks bad up close), and occasional zit on my forehead.... READ MORE

Glyco-A 12 Isis Pharma for medium skin?

Hi doctor. I am a man. Fitzpatrick 3 skin tone (medium) in fitzpatrick sclae 1-6. I am latin. 29 years old. Oily skin with few blackheads and a few... READ MORE

What treatment do you recommend for indented, atrophic acne scar caused by aggravation of cyst from glycolic peel? (photo)

I had a scab that fell off prematurely after I had a 40% glycolic peel of the face done, leaving me with a horrific hole in my forehead. I have scars... READ MORE

I'm a 54 year old black woman that has developed hyperpigmentation on my forehead. Can glycolic peels remove these dark patches?

The spots developed after sun filled trips to the carribean. Can glycolic peels remove these dark patches? READ MORE

Glycolic 15% chemical burn for 30mins. What kind of burn is this? How to heal it and remove the scarring? (photos)

I put a cotton ball soaked with 15% glycolic acid on top of a whitehead on my forehead, however I accidentally left it for around 30mins. , the skin... READ MORE

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