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Is There Any Way to Prevent Post Glycolic Peel Breakouts?

I did my first glycolic peel a week ago and broke out from it. Pimples are still here after a week. I did a 2nd one tonight and feel the pimples... READ MORE

When Does the Redness from a Glycolic Peel Go Away?

I recently used a 30 percent glycolic peel on my face and neck. I left it on for 10 min. My face got crusty and dry and scabbed where i had acne. My... READ MORE

1 Day Post Glycolic Peel: Is it Normal to Have Red Spots and Tingling?

Hi, I Had a Slight Glycolic Peel Yesterday and noticed a few red burned spots on my cheeks and are still there this morning. still felt tingling... READ MORE

I'm an Indian Female (30 Years) with Dark Underarms. I Would Like to Glycolic Gel Peel 35% at Home?

Will it be safe? How long should I wait to see the results. I feel terrible due to this discoloration and completely avoid wearing anything short sleeved. READ MORE

Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due... READ MORE

I'm a black woman, 33, with really bad acne scars. I'm trying to decide between TCA 15% or Glycolic 30%. Please help. (photo)

I have really bad acne scarring and hyper pigmentation. I've never done a peel before but I have a mid-high tolerance for pain. I've had laser for... READ MORE

Glycolic Peel, Fillers, Botox with Severe Psoriasis Condition

44 years old with super sensitive skin and suffer from severe psoriasis triggered by the slightest. Been using protopic .01% for 4 years. Breakouts... READ MORE

Will my face scar? I had a bad reaction to a glycolic peel in the areas where I've used Retin A. (Photo)

The other day I went to get a facial and got a 20% glycolic chemical peel. I had told her previously that I used Retin A on certain parts of my face.... READ MORE

Dark and dry skin around mouth and nose. What should I do?

I am indian girl.i am having dark and dry skin around mouth and nose.i had done glycolic peel also but it didn't make any difference.what should i... READ MORE

How can I get my complexion back which has become darker after taking 7 glycolic peels? How long will it take to recover?(Photo)

I m an asian female.i had used skinlite cream for 5 months to treat fractional laser scars on my face.but after sometime dark patches occurred on my... READ MORE

I am 49 and have very fair skin. I have purchased a 70 glycolic peel kit. (photo)

How long should I leave it on my face. how often can I do the peel further how much healing time can I expect READ MORE

Glycolic peel doesn't sting on Melasma?

I am 41 yrs old, femaIe, I have a melasma on my cheeks,and I have started using 30% Glycolic acid. It doesn't at all sting on area covered by Melasma... READ MORE

do glycolic peel cause face fat loss? (photo)

Do glycolic peels cause face fat loss?cuz i started a 20% glycolic acid peel at home,it was nice experience,fresher skin and all,just one thing i... READ MORE

Is this type of peeling normal after a 30% glycolic acid peel? (photos)

I did an at home 30% glycolic acid peel late Monday night and left it on for about five minutes before neutralizing. Immediately after my face was... READ MORE

How do I know if I am suffering from chemical burn, how long and what can I do for it to heal faster? (photo)

Yesterday I did a glycolic peel which uses glycolic acid at 3 different strengths i.e. Glycolic acid 50% pH1,8; glycolic acid 70% pH 1,6 and glycolic... READ MORE

Weird Bumps After an at Home Glycolic Peel?

Dark brown woman- 40% glycolic peel at home. Applied peel twice & my skin immediately erupted in many tiny bumps.This second time, 1 side of my... READ MORE

I'm a 54 year old black woman that has developed hyperpigmentation on my forehead. Can glycolic peels remove these dark patches?

The spots developed after sun filled trips to the carribean. Can glycolic peels remove these dark patches? READ MORE

Is it safe to use glycolic acid 30% if I am a first time chemical peel user?

Hi I am an 18 year old African American female looking to diminish acne scarring as well as hyper pigmentation. Is it safe to use glycolic acid 30% if... READ MORE

Glycolic peel 25% left on for a few minutes, is the redness and lump normal? (photo)

Also has the peel burnt my skin? Will it begin to peel in a few days? And how long until I can do it again? Will my skin scar from the red bump or is... READ MORE

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