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How Long Should Glycolic Acid Be Left on the Skin During a Treatment?

I get glycolic acid peels every month. The acid is left on my skin for maybe 30 seconds. The last peel I got (70% glycolic acid) was left on my skin... READ MORE

When Does the Redness from a Glycolic Peel Go Away?

I recently used a 30 percent glycolic peel on my face and neck. I left it on for 10 min. My face got crusty and dry and scabbed where i had acne. My... READ MORE

I Burnt my Face with 100% Glycolic Acid. Will my Skin Scar?

Will there be risk of scarring or anything?my face turned real red and now is blackish on colour,darker than my complexion.i am black in skin... READ MORE

Is Glycolic Peel Effective in Minimizing Scars on Neck and Face?

A few days ago, I had some irritation over my face. Later, it became like allergy scars over my face and neck during end of January. Could it be due... READ MORE

Chemical Burn After Glycolic Peel

I used a salycic acid/benzoyl peroxide ointment on a zit the day after a light glycolic peel and facial. It has caused what looks like a chemical burn... READ MORE

I Had a 50% Glycolic Peel Yesterday and Now my Eyes Are Very Swollen, Will It Go Away?

I had a 50% glycolic peel yesterday and now my eyes are very swollen. I asked my dermatologist why did I have such bad swelling and she assured me... READ MORE

I burn my face with glycolic acid. Will the brown spot go away?

I have burn i used 25 glycolic acid have Brown spot really bad is that going away? Please help. READ MORE

Please someone help me. Is this permanent damage? (Photo)

I recently I used a 14% glycolic acid on my face and neck for chemical exfoliation over the counter product and I forgot to use sunscreen. Now my face... READ MORE

Will Bad Swelling After 50% Glycolic Peel Go Away?

I had a 50% glycolic peel yesterday and now my eyes are very swollen. I asked my dermatolgist why did I have such bad swelling and she asured me that... READ MORE

I have superficial burns after 50% glycolic peel. Any suggestions? (photos)

Hi I got the 3rd of a series of glycolic peels at my derm ofc yesterday (the PA did them). progressed from 30-40-50% . 1st 2 peels fine w/ peeling w/... READ MORE

Glycolic Acid at 10%... How long until results?

I've been using Glycolic Acid at 10% on my face for about 2/3 weeks now and I have been applying every other day as instructed. Although my skin does... READ MORE

The dermaplane that I had done 2 days ago left small scrapes and cuts on my face. What can I do to heal these quickly?

I had a dermaplane with mild glycolic peel 2 days ago. I was left with many small cuts and scrapes on my face. Is this the result of an inexperienced... READ MORE

Burnt my face with a chemical peel about 2 years ago and it still looks terrible. Any options for repairing? (photos)

~2 years ago I tried a glycolic acid peel at home. First one was fine but this 2nd time it burned terribly (maybe b/c my Tretinoin?). Stupidly left it... READ MORE

I recently did a glycolic peel 40% and it burned my face pretty badly what do I do? I already went to my dermatologist. (Photo)

I recently did a glycolic 40% peel and it burned my face pretty badly. I'm on day 4 or five n this is still the result. I'm afraid I'll have... READ MORE

My Face Skin Looks a Lot Darker Than my Body After Glycolic Peel. What Should I Do?

Glycolic peel cause my skin to become darker which is not going away i am a indian wih medium complexion almost a year ago i suffered from pimple and... READ MORE

10% Glycolic Acid Cream Burn on Face, How to treat? Is it permanent? (photo)

I did a glycolic acid cream treatment to my face with a 10% cream. The next day I did a routine bleaching for my dark face hair. These scabs then... READ MORE

I have pigmentation on my face. I'm using kojic acid cream (safriderm kojic acid) at night daily. Can I use Glycolic Peel?

And in morning wash with actiwhite facial wash. i want to use bio 1 glycolic acid 10%.. can i use it while using kojic acid cream? how i use it ? can... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Go on Holiday in the Sun After a Having a Couple Glycolic Peels?

I have some small dark marks from acne and have just had a course of 3 microdermabrasion and am about to start a course of 3 glycolic peels. I am... READ MORE

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