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How Often Should I Use 20% Glycolic Acid Peel at Home DIY Style?

I am a 23 year old tanned Asian. I have a sun damaged skin and a couple of acne scars from pricking months before and i also have clogged pores that... READ MORE

Is 30% Glycolic Acid Safe to Use on a Weekly Basis on Mixed Race Skin?

I would like to use it in the comfort of my own home for acne spots, scars and oily skin. I do not have contact with a dermatologist as I cannot... READ MORE

30% Glycolic Peel at Home Did Not Work. Why?

I performed a 4 week Glycolic Peel treatment at home and followed instructions given. At the end of the treatment I still saw no peeling nor flaking... READ MORE

How Often Should I Do Glycolic Peels?

Ibought the Glycolic Peel Kit,but It Doesn't Say How Often It May Used. Can I Use Everyday READ MORE

After doing a glycolic acid peel, should one use baking powder or baking soda?

I am really confused as I read many reviews of people who have performed glycolic acid peel at home and few say that they have used baking powder and... READ MORE

Burnt my face with a chemical peel about 2 years ago and it still looks terrible. Any options for repairing? (photos)

~2 years ago I tried a glycolic acid peel at home. First one was fine but this 2nd time it burned terribly (maybe b/c my Tretinoin?). Stupidly left it... READ MORE

Recently Used An At-home Glycolic Face Peel 30% and Applied It for 8 Minutes Before Washing It Off, Have I Done Damage?

It's now day 2, and I have some brown, scaly parts on my face that resemble scabs. There has been no other problems, bleeding, pus, etc. Just scaling... READ MORE

I did 70% glycolic peel at home for dark circles under eyes, kept it for 2 mins & neutralised. How can I treat the pain? (Photo)

After the peel,i have been feeling constant pain and my under eye are is sore & red.When will it subside?what should i do to treat this?should i... READ MORE

Glycolic acid 50% peel disaster. Any suggestions? (photos)

I had in home glycolic acid 50 % peel to reduce black pigmentation from acne. Here is my face on the 22nd and 3rd day. Is it normal ? I got no pain... READ MORE

At home 50% glycolic peel not working

I am a light skin Asian and using 50 % glycolic peel at home. I have done 4 peels already. How much longer till I see fading in the spots? I feel like... READ MORE

Any suggestions for a Glycolic Peel for Home use?

Hello, I'm an Indian, 25 years old, residing in Philadelphia. I've had acne issues since I was a teenage and I've tried Isotretinoin pills, various... READ MORE

30% Glycolic Peel - Scabbing on face? Will it scar? Is this normal? (photo)

I had done an at-home 30% glycolic peel (3 layers, each applied 2 min, 30 seconds after each other) for a total of 8 minutes. This is not the first... READ MORE

Is It Safe to Perform an At-home 50% Glycolic Acid Chemical Peel on my Legs? (photo)

I have a lot of scarring on my legs from excessive ingrown hairs which caused a pimple like growth with a hair in the middle. Although all of the... READ MORE

Burn from 100% Glycolic Acid Peel

I burned my chin where part got bubbly and one part that had already been peeled recently and was not completely healed started bleeding. Went to... READ MORE

Is derma solutions safe?

So everyone is talking about the glycolic acids being done at home. Is this safe? I'm looking at using derma solutions 20%. I have dark acne scars... READ MORE

Weird Bumps After an at Home Glycolic Peel?

Dark brown woman- 40% glycolic peel at home. Applied peel twice & my skin immediately erupted in many tiny bumps.This second time, 1 side of my... READ MORE

Can I use pure Aloe juice/gel from the actual Aloe leaf right after applying the 30% Glycolic acid peel?

I am getting ready to do a Glycolic acid peel at home on myself. I was also planning on using the Microdermabrasion tool I just purchased in... READ MORE

I did a 35% glycol peel at home, only and the skin on my cheeks is quite rough & feels a little scaly and dry, what should I do?

I prepared my skin as recommended and am used to using 10% strength quite regular. I suffer with mild to moderate acne and this seems to reduce the... READ MORE

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