Age 35-44 + Glycolic Peel

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Dark Brown Patch After Glycolic Peel

I am Indian, 38 years old. I got 5% glycolic peel on 27th April /10, but i have dark brown patch on my cheeks. but it is not burning or itching. that... READ MORE

Glycolic acid to address discoloration on legs and hands

I'm 39, until last year I was religiously protecting my entire body, including face against sun rays.Last year I decided to indulge in the sun, and... READ MORE

Glycolic peel doesn't sting on Melasma?

I am 41 yrs old, femaIe, I have a melasma on my cheeks,and I have started using 30% Glycolic acid. It doesn't at all sting on area covered by Melasma... READ MORE

Glycolic, Jessner or TCA for lines, hydration & brightening in 40yr old skin? (Photo)

I've always had a great skincare routine that has consisted of retin A, great moisturizers and tons of sunscreen. I had jessner 6yrs ago & was... READ MORE

Texture on my face from glycolic and chemical peels. Please recommend help or a Dr that knows African skin (Photo)

Within 3 -4week period I have had 2 glycolic peels-40 percent and 1- 12 percent tca peel..I didn't leave them on that long. I am a 40 year old... READ MORE

Can closed comodones/whiteheads on my face forever ever go away?

I am 38 years old with oily skin. I was recently told by my derm that these are normal and everyone has them and no one will actually get rid of them.... READ MORE

Atrophic Scars After Glycolic Peel (I Am 35, Had Seborrhea)? (photo)

I have had 6 sessions of glycolic peel, every 10 days (20,30, 40, 50, 60, 60%). Left for 3 minutes each time, neutralized afterwards. Had hardly any... READ MORE

Asian Brown Skin Tone. Is at Home Glycolic Acid Peel Kit Effective for Aesthetic Improvement?

Hi, I am from India with brown skin tone in early 40s. I have started using at home glycolic acid peel kits by boots recently. And my skin in glowing... READ MORE

My skin is becoming dark after taking 30% glycolic peel. Is this normal?

Hi My name is Rashmi.. I had an at home glycolic peel 30% . ( I had glycolic peels before so i took this risk). I took an at home peel glycolic peel... READ MORE

What should be the duration between 2 neostrata Glycolic acid 50% peels?

# Age35, Skin type: Oily skin, tan very easily, with Mild acne & old acne Scars. # Reason for peel: Few Acne keep appears once in every 1-2 months and... READ MORE

Pock mark post 30% glycolic acid peel. Any suggestions?

I am 43 y/o female (indian asian) I have had moderate amout of pock marks mainly on my forehead, to get rid of that mark and to bring some glow to my... READ MORE

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